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Now is the time to stock up on top quality RAW Milk Cheeses at our best prices of the year.

Most grocery store cheeses are made from dead, pasteurized milk. You deserve the cleanest, immunity building foods available.

That's why we offer Organically Grass-fed Raw Milk Cheeses ready to ship nationwide. Raw Cheese helps boost your immunity with the same naturally occurring probiotics and enzymes found in raw milk.
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Today I get to introduce: Raw Shredded Italian Pizza Cheese!

It's a variety of our shredded raw milk cheeses mixed with organic Italian Seasoning to create the perfect topping for your next pizza, lasagna, tacos, quesadillas, grilled cheese sandwiches, chili soup, salads, or just about anything else you can imagine.

My favorite way to enjoy this new cheese is to melt a few ounces for a quick, delicious snack of straight cheese!

Or you can make a light meal out of it by adding our popular Beef Sticks to the menu. With beef sticks and this versatile cheese on hand you'll be ready for a convenient meal...
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Last week Dad did an excellent job with his analogy Of Raw Milk and Swimming. If we want to "relax and swim" with strong immunity and good gut health we'll need as much raw living food in our diet as possible.

Thousands of families have "learned to swim" with our Organically Pastured Raw Jersey Cow Milk... And we've helped many of them take the next step to make Raw Milk Kefir at home.

But sadly Big Brother Government gets in the way of many more families who would love to buy Raw Milk or Raw Milk Kefir.
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Some of you have asked me to explain in more detail about the probiotic building-of-immunity-pathway to health and wellness as opposed to the antibiotic kill-all-bacteria-method.

It is important to understand that these are my answers, not necessarily the answer or your answers. Each of you will need to decide and be ultimately responsible for yourself and for your family.

Let’s start with an analogy....
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I guess we all have an inborn desire to feel appreciated, to know that we are needed... that our efforts do make a difference.

In this, our family is blessed. We get daily affirmation that you, who are nourished by our farm, do value our efforts and that these foods have made a difference in your life...

But even as we receive this warming thanks (and believe me, we do draw energy and sustenance from your approval) there is always a quiet voice in the background reminding that it’s not all about us.
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One question we are frequently asked is, "Why do the ‘Nutrition Facts’ on raw milk, look the same as the ‘Nutrition Facts’ on pasteurized milk?”

The similarity of the two ‘Nutrition Facts’ would seem to support the FDA mantra that there are no nutritional differences between pasteurized milk and raw milk.

But wait a minute. Let’s think outside the box a little before we draw conclusions....
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Organic CAFO Dairies should not be allowed!

But they do exist.

In our country.

And in our supermarkets.

Here are the cold, hard numbers I uncovered after hours of searching through USDA Organic data reports.
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Misleading label claims are everywhere.

They bombard you while walking down the grocery store aisles. They creep up on you while scanning a slick marketer's website. They shock you when even your best friend recommends an industrial organic brand... "Hey, it's a lot cheaper and they say it's just as good!"

"Well... how do I know?"
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The Industrial Organic Curtain needs torn down.

You deserve to know what lies behind that certified organic seal in the grocery store.

And no, it's not a small family farm with animals out enjoying fresh grass and sunshine each day.

That's what all organic farms used to be... but not any more.
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If your Monday was as hectic as ours can be, you probably could use a little stress reliever about now. So take a break... kick back and enjoy a little fireside singing with our family.

The clip below is from an overnight family camp-out near the Appalachian Trail in South Mountain. We love sitting around the campfire and talking late into the night, but the best part is campfire singing.

And as you'll notice, we were not the only ones singing praise to our God! The Katydids and other night insects were helping along so loudly that...
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I'm loving the fall weather on the farm these days! And now to prepare for winter...

This is your chance to stock up before the October 14 price freeze ends.

Whatever you do, please don't panic. Yes, some prices are changing, but not on any staple items like milk, eggs, ground beef or whole chicken.
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You really need to take a few minutes to watch Pastured Poultry: Better Way Forward.

It's a great video from the American Pastured Poultry Producers Association (APPPA). They clearly show the outstanding advantages of pastured poultry.
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It's a beautiful morning on the farm in Chambersburg, PA! The sun is shining, the grass is lush, and the animals are thriving.

In the midst of all this good, we hear rumbles of hard times coming.

People ask, "Is your farm ready for another food shortage?"
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Here's the secret to save money while eating high quality chicken parts.

Truly Pastured, Chemical-Free, Soy-Free and GMO-Free chicken parts are never as cheap as a whole bird...unless you do it yourself.
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We just launched a website update to help you save money each time you shop our Truly Pastured, Organic foods.

You'll love it. Shopping is now easier than ever.

Here's what we did...
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It used to be, whenever you saw a nice yellow egg yolk, you could trust those chickens were the real deal – truly pastured.

Not any more.

Now days....
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If a picture is worth a thousand words then I'll skip 975 of them and let this comparison speak for itself.

One glance is enough.

These two beef environments show a stark contrast... and so does the resulting beef you eat. I know without a shadow of a doubt which system I want to support.
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So after we've hashed over the dilemma of GMOs in the last two episodes, it brings us to several pressing questions.

The questions take a few different forms, but they usually boil down to something along the line of these three 'what-can-I-do' questions: What can I Do to avoid feeding GMOs to my family? I want to help... What can we Do to STOP GMO corporations? What can I Do to encourage more farmers to switch to non-GMO?
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GMO Weasel Words

One of the most common tactics of the GMO industry is to intentionally muddy the waters by deliberately confusing terms which are really quite scientifically distinct. For example...
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Something has been bothering me for a while. Sometimes it's just a niggling in my background consciousness. Other times it comes to the forefront and gets in the road of other important stuff. But it's always there. That something is GMOs.

Well, actually, GMOs themselves aren't what's bothersome. I know where I stand. And I know where we stand as a farm and a family...
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A while ago, I gave you all an open invitation to share raw milk healing stories. I knew you had them... and you didn't disappoint.

Thank you for sharing!

So here is a sample, folks. These are real people with real healing from real foods in their own words.
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Raw milk is what The Family Cow is all about. Raw milk defines us. It's who we are and why we are. It's where we've been, how we got here, and where we're going. Raw Milk is why Dawn and I chose the name "The Family Cow." The name expresses our vision most perfectly. What do we get from The Family Cow? Raw Milk! Raw Milk is the most remarkable, healing, immune boosting, nourishing, enzyme rich, perfect-in-every-way whole food we've ever provided or hope to provide for your family.
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Today I'll show you how we raise Woodland / Pastured Pigs to bring you the highest quality pork possible.

But first I want you to see a 1 minute video I shot out in the pig pasture on Rodrick's Amen Acres Farm. It's the best way to visualize what we are talking about here. :)

Many people know about the benefits of Grass-fed Beef and truly Pastured Chicken, but Woodland Pork is often underrated.

In reality, the benefits of Woodland Pork are just as profound when compared to Industrial Pork.
December 24, 2020 • 0 comment(s)
I'm excited to finally unveil our brand new beef bone broth: EPIC CHIPOTLE!

Yep, that's the official name... :)

We've spent the last month working on the plans and tweaking the recipe. Of all the spicy bone broths we've ever made, this one is second-to-none. Our whole family and team LOVES it!

But beyond the amazing flavor, this broth is packed with real grass-fed beef nutrition, PLUS other powerful health-promoting ingredients...
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This is going to be a bit of a breezy newsletter because I don't have time to go deep. But I did want to share some exciting news.

There are Wedding Bells in our family again!

Our son, Wesley, is engaged to be married to a beautiful girl named Kaylita Stauffer! The wedding is planned for Saturday, February the 6th.