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Wesley Shank

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April 19, 2022

Good morning,

It feels like Thanksgiving in April!

Just over a year and half ago, we bought our own butcher shop. The primary goal was to secure your meat supply even when other small butcher shops were booked out 12-18 months.

Since then, we've been pleasantly surprised. Running our own butcher shop has more benefits than we ever imagined.

With us in charge of the full meat cutting process, we can now push quality standards higher than ever.

Here are the biggest improvements we've made so far to bring you superior Grass-fed Beef and Pastured Pork.

First off, we started using Celtic Sea Salt in all recipes where salt is needed. It was one simple change we could make to give you more of the Celtic Sea Salt benefits.

The next one took a lot more paperwork to get special approval from USDA... But it was well worth the effort.

Butcher shops are required to spray some type of "antibacterial decontaminate" on a beef carcass to keep bacteria from growing. For most butchers this is Citric Acid since that's what the USDA recommends.

And it seems like this should be fine since the outer layer of meat is trimmed off as the meat is cut and packaged.... But what is common Citric Acid made from? Black mold fed on conventional corn sugars.

Not something we want near our food if we can help it!

We stopped all Citric Acid and now use Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar instead. All our meat is 100% Citric Acid–FREE!

Next we began the long process of research and development to create all new sausage recipes. Our goal was to get rid of all vague "Spices" and "Spice Extractives" so you know the exact ingredients.

With all these improved standards, I can't forget the rest of our quality standards we've had in place for years...

  • Humane handling with respect to all animals
  • No MSGs ever
  • No artificial nitrates or nitrites
  • No liquid smoke – only real Hickory Wood Pellets
  • No sugar in sausages, hams, bacons, and hot dogs

More recently we've been focusing on our Hams & Bacons.

Celery Powder is commonly used in Hams & Bacons as a natural way to help cure meat without artificial nitrates or nitrites. And we've used Celery Powder for years...

The problem is, Celery Powder is rich in natural nitrates. But even natural nitrates are still, well, nitrates. We removed Celery Powder from all Hams & Bacons so they are now 100% nitrate-free!

ALSO, we majorly improved our #1 Best Selling Pork Item.

Bacon is now salt-only cured: No sugar, no spices, no nitrates, no nothing, except Hickory Smoked Bacon & Celtic Sea Salt!

And the flavor is incredible.

I seriously do not know of anyone else doing Soy-free, Chemical-free, Pastured Pork Bacon with this clean of a recipe.

Besides all these improvements to go above and beyond our usual high quality standards...

We've also introduced a LOT of new, popular items thanks to our own butcher shop. Here is the list:

 Hickory Smoked Pulled Pork, fully cooked and ready to eat! This has been our best, super-hit-item from the butcher shop. Those of you who have tried it will understand! :)

Old Fashioned Roast Beef is probably the next most popular new item. It's a convenient meal, fully cooked and already seasoned.

 We've added several new steak cuts like, Bone-in Ribeye Cowboy Steak, Chuck-Eye Steak, Ranch Steak and London Broil.

Garlic Bologna & Pepper Bologna are two new lunch meats we make at our butcher shop...

These are the most outstanding products we've introduced with our new butcher shop, but more are definitely coming this year.

Stay tuned for the announcement of another long-awaited item during our Grass-fed Beef Savings Event this May!

Your Farmer,


~5th generation on the farm

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