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Home Delivery FAQs

Many people are fooled by Industrial Organics in the supermarkets these days.

On our farm, we grow high integrity foods so you can eat with confidence at every meal.

Do I need to create a separate account for Home Delivery if I already have an account for Pickup Location ordering?

Nope! All you need to do is change your delivery method at checkout to home delivery. It's that easy! :)


Where do you offer home delivery?

With our UPS home delivery option we can deliver to residential or business addresses in all of Continental United States.

Note: Home Delivery to the Western States will be very expensive. We offer the option to ship our foods to you but please consider finding a local farm to support if you are on a tight budget. Buying from our farm in the Western States will not be cost effective for your family. I'm sorry UPS shipping charges are so high.

Nationwide Home Delivery


Can you ship raw milk?

We wish we could, but... even though our raw milk is tested, inspected and approved by the PA Department of Agricultural, the FDA does not allow us to sell it across state lines. I'm really sorry. We don't like this either, but the FDA has our hands tied. If you'd like them to change their policy... I guess talk to them about it. Best wishes!

But good news! We can sell our 100% Raw Cow and Goat Cheeses. So, yes, you can get raw dairy shipped to your home... just not raw fluid milk.

If you're in PA it isn't a legal problem for us to ship the Raw Milk, but it is a logistical nightmare. UPS Home Delivery of milk would triple the price, the milk would be frozen, and it would risk a milk jug breaking in transit... please choose a PA Pickup Location as your delivery preference and save us all the nightmare. :)


When I'm signed in for Home Delivery, why are some foods so much more expensive than the Pickup Location price?

Some items are more expensive for home deliver because all home delivery services bill by weight. For example: milk is heavy. One half gallon of milk weighs 4.3 pounds.

With our Pickup Location delivery, since we do that ourselves with our own trucks and drivers, we get to decide how to set the delivery charge. :) So... we intentionally go by % of the dollar value of the item rather than weight. That makes the milk much more affordable than if we figured delivery by the pound. And since raw milk is our flagship food... we do all we can to make it affordable. 

Does that make sense? If you explore around, you'll notice that anything heavy and relatively inexpensive per pound in our farm store... (goat milk, water kefir, cider, yogurt, raw milk, eggs) all seem expensive for home delivery. It's totally because of the weight factor. If we could get UPS and FedEx to bill by % of dollar value instead of weight, the prices would be much more in sync with the drop point prices.

We wish it were different, but we are not in control of their price structure. So we do the best we can. The extra cost is simply the extra cost to package, ice and quickly deliver an insulated box of food to your doorstep. If we find a way to do it cheaper, we promise to pass the savings on to you. How is that for a commitment? :)


How much freezer space will I need?

As a rule of thumb, you can figure that one cubic foot of freezer space will hold approximately 20 lbs. of meat.


When will my card be charged?

Since our meats are variable weight, we'll not charge your card until your entire order has been pulled together and each package weighed. This is to make sure that you are correctly billed for the actual food that you received. Once your order is weighed, we'll send you an email with a detailed receipt confirming your payment.


Do I have to be home when the food arrives?

Nope. UPS should leave the box outside your house if you are not home. From the UPS website: "Shipments that do not require a signature [ours do not require a signature] can be left in a safe place, out of sight and out of weather, at the driver's discretion." 


If I'm away for the day, will my food by okay till I get home?

Absolutely. We package everything inside a 1.5 inch thick insulated box with ice packs / ice blankets so your food will remain nice and cold to the end of the delivery period. You are responsible to put the food into your freezer or refrigerator at the end of the day though. :) We can't promise it will stay cold on your porch for days if you procrastinate!


Can I buy single items as I need them?

Sure... you can... but we discourage it. That's why we have a $15 flat delivery fee for all orders under $150. Small packages are very inefficient to keep cold and end up being very costly for both of us. But hey... if you really need a few items and nothing else, and are willing to pay the $15 extra... go ahead. We understand.


Am I required to commit for a certain amount of deliveries?

Absolutely not. We very intentionally designed Family Cow home delivery to be the exact opposite of a subscription plan. We are aware that the commit-to-a-box-every-month business model is popular today in home delivered foods but we are suspicious that it's a plan to maximize the business profits, not to best please the customer.

Our goal is to give you 100% freedom... to keep you in the driver's seat. You order what foods you want, when you want and how often you want. Of course, we hope that you are impressed enough by our remarkable health restoring foods that you'll order frequently... but that will be totally up to you. We are content to earn your trust and loyalty.


If a food package in my order arrives damaged, what should I do?

First, we try to be extremely careful in packing and we do use a box with over 20% thicker side walls as compared to most food shippers. This has advantages with holding the cold better but it also protects better against damage. But, in spite of all, damage still could happen if, for example, the delivery service drops a box from 4 feet up.

So anyway, if damage has happened to your order, here is what you do. As soon as you notice the damage, send us a note. If you can, take a photo of the damage. Once we reply to your note, you'll be able to reply and attach photos. Photos are so helpful. They allow us to visualize what exactly went wrong. Maybe there is something we need to improve in packing. Or maybe it was totally a UPS problem. In that case, photos help us negotiate with UPS so they can reimburse us, since each package is insured by them against damage.

Either way, rest assured that we'll make sure you are refunded, reimbursed, credited, shipped replacement food or whatever it takes to make it right. Also know that we'll hear you, we do care, and that we'll do everything in our power to keep damage from happening.


What if there is some other problem with my order? 

No worries, we will make it right. Just contact us and let us know what we can do to help. We care about you and the quality of our food.

Real Farmers. Real Caring. Real Foods.

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