Sick Of Fake Organics? We are too!

Get Real Organic, Truly Pastured, 100% Soy-Free foods delivered to you now.

How do I get these Real Organic foods?

Farm Store

If you live close... this is the best way. You get the best prices, best selection and most attention from the farmers.

Farm Store

PA Pickup Locations

Live in PA or a nearby state? We'll bring your food to a pickup location in your community. Meet your farmer. Shake his hand. Ask him questions.

Pickup Locations

Home Delivery

Yes. Straight to your doorstep! No hassle. You spend more time with your friends and family! :)

Home Delivery


Real Farmer Foods straight to my Community... or even my Doorstep?!


That's right!

  • No minimum orders
  • No membership fees
  • No subscription plan
  • FREE SHIPPING for all large orders!

Just Imagine...

What if there was a real organic family farm where you could shop online? No need to go to 5 different farms or drag your toddlers through the farmers market lugging your day's purchases. You could order all the hard-to-find organic stuff, like Soy-free Eggs from truly pastured hens, Chicken and Turkey also pastured and soy-free, Raw Milk straight from zero grain grass-fed Jersey cows, Woodland raised Pork, Homemade Water Kefir, Yogurt and Kombucha all straight from the farmers themselves, yet do it all from the comfort, safety and convenience of your home. Wouldn't that be awesome?

Family Cow cows in the early morning pasture...

And What If...Your Farm Had Everything?

Not only all the specialties like Raw Milk from Grass-fed Jersey cows but also the more common foods like Unpasteurized Organic Cider, Raw Cheeses of all kinds, Raw Wild Honey, Artisan and Sprouted Grain Bread, Raw Amish-made Sauerkraut and Raw Kimchee, Grass-fed Beef, Home Canned Garden Produce, Homemade Ghee from organic grass-fed cows, Homemade Goat Milk Soap and well... just about everything! Wouldn't that be neat?

The Family Cow organically grown natural foods available for home delivery

What if it...Wasn't a CSA or a Subscription Either?

In your dream farm food source there would be no prepayment. There'd be no minimum purchase. Not even an order obligation or a membership fee. But best of all, your order would be 100% customizable. You'd only get what you order. You would only buy the foods you need when you need them. Done deal.

The Family Cow woodland pork piggies enjoying their raw milk!

And Oh... If They'd Only Deliver the Food to Your Door!

Your special order would be carefully packed in ice by the farmers and would be delivered right to your door... waiting for you when you come home from your busy day. Just imagine... You could buy direct from a farmer and still meet your hectic social and professional schedule. Wouldn't it be awesome if 2019 ethical food choices didn't have to be limited to an 1900's farmers market?

UPS Home Delivery of Organic foods

Sigh... But it's Only a Dream. Right?

Buying straight from a real live farmer will never be this easy.  

Wrong. Buying Real Organics is already this easy.!

This and even more is already a reality. Good Morning! Join the movement! ... We are pleased to have you with us. Welcome to Your Family Farmer!

What We Offer

While we're getting acquainted, please take a moment to explore our foods. We know you will be delighted. All of our foods are soy-free, GMO-free, and ethically cared for with respect to animal as well as to the Creator. Some of our foods are certified organic and all are grown with organic principles.

Afterwards (or before, if you are a visual person) please explore our photo gallery to see how all this goodness is grown. I'll give you a hint. It is quite simple. We follow the Master's plan. It is all about Him!


One Note: We are just starting with doorstep delivery, so right now our delivery area is limited to about 30 states. Those states include all of the east coast USA and most Mississippi river states. Our delivery map (above) shows the details. If you live further west in USA, please be patient. We hope to be able to deliver to your area as soon as we have enough experience closer home.

How do I get these Real Organic, Truly Pastured foods?

Farm Store

If you live close... this is the best way. You get the best prices, best selection and most attention from the farmers. :) Not only that... you get to visit the farm. Our address is: 3854 Olde Scotland Road, Chambersburg, PA, 17202. Open every day 8:30 to 4:00 PM except Sundays and National Holidays.

PA Pickup Locations

If you're from PA or a nearby state, you may be able to use one of our pickup locations. You'll order online. We'll pack your order in ice and deliver it to a community parking lot. You can really know your farmer, shake his hand and ask him hard questions. Connecting with those who grow your food doesn't get much better! Learn more about our pickup locations.

Home Delivery

Yes! Straight to your doorstep! This is our newest option and is by far the most convenient. It's the perfect answer for those out of state and outside our pickup location areas. But it's also an exciting flex option for moms on those crazy, hectic weeks when running to the pickup location is just totally out of the question. Yes, we know those weeks happen! :-)