The Secret Life of Farmer Edwin

written by

Edwin Shank

posted on

August 24, 2022

The Secret Life of Farmer Edwin

Top of the morning to you friends!

"Know your farmer... Know your food."

This pithy bit of wisdom has been kicked around the foodie world for the last decade or so. But what if there was a side to your farmer that you never knew? How would that affect your food?

Good question. Let’s find out.

Seriously, there is nothing huge here and neither is there any real secret... But I am pretty sure there is a side to my life this past year of which most of you are unaware.

This might help explain my silence. Some of you have commented that you hear from Rodrick and Wesley, but not much from Edwin anymore.

Let me give you a peak behind the scenes at what was occupying my time. Then I believe you'll understand. :)

View the photo journal: The Secret Life of Farmer Edwin

All the best of Food and Blessings...

Your Farmer,

Edwin Shank for the rest of the family too

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