Introducing: Wild Seafood Savings!

July 6, 2022

Good morning Family Cow Tribe,

Today it's my privilege to announce our first ever, Wild Seafood Savings Event!

Monday the 18th you get access to our absolute best prices of the year on Alaskan Wild Caught Sockeye Salmon, Pacific Cod Loin, and Louisiana Gulf Shrimp.

Here's the deal... The wild Sockeye Salmon begin their run in Bristol Bay, Alaska each July. To help make freezer room for the new catch, Captain Steve from Wild for Salmon made us an amazing offer... And we are passing the savings directly on to you.

But wait... it gets better!

We've sweetened the deal even more with our bundle savings!

Captain Steve's generosity combined with ours, means some of these seafood bundles will deliver a savings of $200!

There's something for everyone in this upcoming event.

 Three variety bundle sizes so you can optimize savings to match your freezer space. Perfect for stocking up.

 Shrimp Lover's Special Edition Bundle.

 Exclusive access to White Gulf Shrimp and Pacific Cod Loin.

 Build-your-own Bundle to customize savings.

 FREE Pacific Cod Loin with opening day bundle purchase!

"Sounds great! How do I get these deals on the 18th?" 

If you're at all interested in these seafood savings, be sure to let us know by Joining the Event on this page.

We ask you to sign up so we know who is interested in more event details and we don't need to bother everyone else. It does not obligate you to buy.

All the best,


~5th generation on the farm

P.S. Stay tuned for more details next week on the Wild for Salmon story. In the meantime, read their well-done blog post, Farmed Salmon and Your Health.

God Designed it. We Respect it. That Explains it!

It's easy to be fooled by industrial organics in the supermarket. That's why our farm is dedicated to only high integrity foods. You deserve to eat every meal with confidence!

Wesley Shank

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