Pastured Chicken is here!

Soy & Corn-FREE chicken parts & whole birds in stock! :) All limits have been removed... stock up as much as you want! If we do sell out of whole birds it will only be briefly between our weekly harvesting throughout this summer and fall pasture season.

Rodrick & Jeanette's Baby News!

Good morning! There's no food news today... just a few pictures to introduce the littlest Shank. Dawn and I are delighted to welcome our newest grandson, Leo René Shank! He's the second son, fourth child in Rodrick and Jeanette's family. He arrived safely Sunday morning, April 28th.

Not this man! + New Team Hymn

On this Good Friday morning I’d like to share a true story from the year I taught school. Even though it’s been a few years, the experience impacted me so greatly that I remember it like yesterday.

The Sacrifice of Thanksgiving

Good morning Family Cow tribe! Something was bothering me. There was a question rolling around in my head. I knew I should dedicate some time to think it through, but... life is busy, so it just kept rolling.

Pastured Chicken is NOW Corn-FREE! :)

We've been soy-free for years and have heard so many folks expressing thanks and appreciation for it that we decided to take our chicken to the next level. Say good-bye to Corn Allergies & Sensitivities in chicken! :)

Sunrise with the Cows PHOTO STORY

Morning milking ends as a new day dawns. Streams of sunlight brighten the sky while mist rises slowly off the land. Cows eagerly trot out the field-lane to find their waiting breakfast of lush pasture grass.

No mRNA on our farm!

We've been getting a lot of questions about mRNA vaccines recently so I decided to send an email to reassure those who have not asked yet. :) I will keep this short and to the point.

Nourishing bone broth recipes

Spring is almost here... and farm life is showing it! Just last week we got our first batch of day-old-chicks to raise in the "brooder" till the weather is warm enough and they are big enough to get out in the fresh grass and sunshine.

5 Tips to Save Money on Real Food

Did you make a New Year's Resolution to eat more healthy meals this year? Did you ask yourself how it's going to happen with an already tight budget and prices on the rise everywhere you look?

A Christmas Surprise Just for You!

Top of this Christmas Sunday to you! Guess what... We have a surprise! A Christmas surprise. Just close your eyes and listen... Imagine the whole Family Cow Team is on your doorstep this morning to sing a few carols for you!

The Ultimate Gift

Christmas is the unusual time of the year when it's OK to ask each other personal questions. Like, "Are you ready for Christmas?" <br><br> My great grandmother, Naomi Shank, is remembered to say that she wasn't so concerned about being ready for Christmas. Christmas is a wonderful time to remember, of course. But it is a past event. <br><br> Did you ever think about that? Christmas is all about remembering. The real event is past. <br><br> The first Christmas was when God gave us the ultimate Christmas gift...

Did you ever wonder why?

Did you ever wonder why the emotions which run closest to our hearts are difficult to say out loud? We end up being silent, not saying anything or at least very little. We'll chat about surface things but the deep things go unsaid. Maybe I'm over-analytical, but I have meditated on this phenomenon a lot.

Thanksgiving Turkeys are here!

Secure your specialty turkey as soon as possible. These birds are in very limited supply and sell first-come-first-serve. Thanksgiving Day is a month away, but we need to harvest these birds now before the weather gets too cold for them out on pasture.

This is Why

I guess our farm must be a bit unusual because we get this question a lot. "Why does your family grow grain? I thought The Family Cow is pasture-based." It seems many pastured chicken growers, grass-fed beef ranchers and those who manage woodland pork often specialize in only that.