A morning with our Grass-fed Beef Cattle – Photo Story

written by

Wesley Shank

posted on

April 25, 2022

Friday morning dawned crisp and clear.

Early rays of sunlight began to brighten the sky while fog drifted lazily in the valleys. Grass dripped with dew, birds sang in the trees, and cattle grazed peacefully around me.

It was a beautiful spring morning to be alive on the farm!

I wish you could've been there with me to experience this morning in the beef pasture... But since that wasn't possible, I'll do my best to tell the story with photos.

Breath deeply, relax, and imagine yourself out in the field at dawn.

The grass is heavy with dew and your boots are soaked by the time you've taken 20 steps. You crest a hill and the first beef cattle come into view.

The sleeping cows are blanketed by a thin mist of fog. All is peaceful and quiet except for a few birds chirping in the woods.

But soon the cows awake from slumber and a new day has begun.

This calf knows what to do first thing in the morning... It's breakfast time with Mama!

It's also breakfast time for everyone else. The herd is grazing in earnest by the time sunlight hits the treetops. 

And soon sunshine is streaming across the pasture... Grass blades sparkle with dew as sunlight falls upon them.

This is the day's golden hour in full glory!

A curious calf stares at the human in his territory...

"Is this new creature a friend or foe? I don't know, but Mom says I mustn't talk to strangers, so I better keep my distance."

The older beef cattle are curious too... and much braver. They circle around behind, come up near, and nudge your arm.

By now it is broad daylight...

The cattle spread out across the pasture and leisurely eat their fill of lush spring grasses.

It's another day on the farm for our truly Grass-fed Beef.


Don't you almost wish you could trade places with them and live their care-free life for a day or two? It looks like fun. :)

The problem is, you might not want to go back to work the next day! LOL

All joking aside, I want you to remember the important role these beef cattle fill on Rodrick & Jeanette's Amen Acres Farm.

We move our beef cattle to a new section of pasture every day or two in a process called Rotational Grazing. This allows the grass to grow back rich and lush after the cattle move through and fertilize it with their manure.

All that lush pasture grass is pulling carbon from the air and transferring it to the soil. Rotational Grazing speeds up the growth of grass, which in turn, pulls even more carbon into the soil! :)

Studies show truly grass-fed beef cattle can actually sequester more atmospheric carbon into the soil than they emit in their lifetime!

It's a beautiful cycle that God designed for optimal animal health, improved soil health, and cleaner atmospheric health.

With your support, we are turning run-down farm land into a thriving example of regenerative agriculture.

Thank-you for your help!

In turn, we bring you nutrient-dense, 100% Grass-fed Beef you can eat with confidence.

All the best,


~5th generation on the farm


God Designed it. We Respect it. That Explains it!

P.S. If you enjoy 100% Grass-fed Beef... watch your emails for a long-awaited announcement next Tuesday.

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