3 simple steps to grill Grass-fed Ribeye Steaks

written by

Wesley Shank

posted on

May 16, 2022

Good morning!

Today I'll share my favorite way to grill Grass-fed Ribeye Steaks.

This method never fails to give me juicy, tender, absolutely delicious results every time. Follow along and you won't be disappointed.

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Here's our freshly cut 100% Grass-fed Ribeye Steaks at the butcher shop last Wednesday... After a 12 day dry age and expert trimming they look ready for the grill!

Not quite yet...

Here's how I prepare our steaks for a top-notch eating experience.

Choose your favorite steak to get started. It doesn't have to be specifically Ribeye. This is how I grill New York Strip, Porterhouse, T-bone, Sirloin or Chuck Eye with only slight variations for each.

If I've planned far enough ahead, the steak is already fully thawed in the refrigerator. Now it's grill day and time for three simple steps.

1. Salt & Pepper the steak

At least an hour before firing up the grill, rub all sides of your steak generously with Celtic Sea Salt & Black Pepper. I don't measure, but I'd guess it's about 1 teaspoon salt and 1/2 teaspoon pepper for every pound of steak I'm seasoning. Adjust amounts as you wish.

Now that the steak is seasoned, it's time to let it sit on the counter for an hour. This wait does two things. It brings the steak to near room temperature and.... draws the salt and pepper flavor deep into the center of your steak.

Salt pulls the moisture out of the steak when you first put the seasoning on. But then with enough time, the meat reabsorbs that salty, peppery brine for perfect flavor throughout the entire steak.

2. Throw it on the grill

With my grill burning hot, I sear each side for 2-3 minutes to develop that amazing, caramelized crust.

Then I move it to a cooler spot on the grill and drop a pat of butter on top for added flavor and moisture. After 2 minutes, I flip the steak one last time, add more butter, and wait a few minutes till done.

Use a meat thermometer to gauge the exact finish time unless you are experienced enough to accurately judge by poking it with your finger. Not me. :)

I normally take steaks off at about 135° for a medium rare finish.

3. Let steak rest before slicing

Don't skip this important step!

I know as well as anyone how tempting it is to dig in and get started with the feast as soon as you pull that amazing steak off the grill.

Don't do it. If you slice into the steak right away, you will loose a ton of flavor-packed-juices. 

Wait a good 5 minutes before slicing to give the meat fibers time to cool slightly and reabsorb juice. The Food Lab goes into full details how it all works.

When the time is up, grab your knife and slice against the grain to cut the meat fibers as short as possible.

Pick up your fork and enjoy 100% Grass-fed Steak at its best.

If for some strange reason there is leftover steak, here's what to do.

Follow my wife's Southwestern Steak Sandwich recipe to create an epic sandwich you won't forget. 

Happy grass-fed steak grilling!


~5th generation on the farm

P.S. I'd love to hear your steak grilling tips and tricks! Pop me an email at answers@thefamilycow.com anytime you wish.

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