Pastured Chicken is here!

written by

Wesley Shank

posted on

May 25, 2023

Good morning!

The pastured chicken harvest season of 2023 is finally here.

We now have all chicken parts & whole birds in stock! :)

If we do sell out, it will only be briefly between our weekly harvesting throughout this summer and fall pasture season.

In case you forget, we move our chickens to new grass morning and evening on our certified organic pastures.


This daily moving is extremely important since it allows our birds to forage a balanced diet of bugs, grubs, flies and a complete salad bar of grasses along with the clean grains we grow ourselves.

With so much forage in the diet, this meat is 3-4 times higher in Omega-3s and CLAs compared to CAFO chicken. Even industrial organic chicken in the grocery stores does not offer this level of nutrients since the birds only have minimal access to a "grass" strip along the edge of a large, stationary barn.

Our Chicken is always Humanely Raised, Truly Pastured, Chemical-Free, GMO-free, and Soy-Free so your family can eat the clean, nutrient-dense foods you deserve.

And to top it all off, our family and team hand-butchers our birds on our farm in our zero-waste, mobile butchering wagon. Even the feathers are composted and their nutrients returned to the farm soil.

And since we are the butchers, we never allow Chlorine or any other chemicals anywhere near your chickens! Nothing but a touch of organic apple cider vinegar, Celtic Sea Salt, and ice are used in the chill water.

For more info about our truly pastured, truly chemical-free, soy-free chicken, click here.


Our Chicken is Always:

✓ Organically Pastured

✓ Humanely Raised

✓ Antibiotic-FREE

✓ Chemical-FREE

✓ Truly Pastured



✓ Soy-FREE


We will do our best to always treat you like friends and feed you like family.

Your Farmer,



~5th generation on the farm

P.S. Grocery store Industrial Organic foods aren't truly pastured. And sadly, too many small pastured farms allow chemicals in the animal feed.

Your family deserves chemical-free AND truly pastured foods so you can eat every meal with confidence.

That's why our farm is dedicated to only high integrity foods... that taste amazing.

Thanks for choosing to support our farm!


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