Updated Team pictures from the farm!

written by

Wesley Shank

posted on

October 17, 2023

Good morning Family Cow Tribe,

It's team picture time at the farm!

This post is in honor of our farm team who works so hard to bring the food from our family farm to your family table.

Everyone gathered out in the pasture the other evening to snap some pictures... and of course we couldn't help but have some fun while we were at it. :)


Here comes the Girl Crew to get their picture first!



"I believe you should stand right there..."



Dad giving directions...


Nick offering a sunflower to his little girl.



Addison loves the thrill of the free-fall... "Throw me higher, daddy!"


(Click photo for high quality view.)

Here is the updated team picture for 2023... Looks like they are all happy and ready to serve you for another year! :)


(Click photo for high quality view.)

And here is a better picture of the girl crew, as they call themselves. These fine young ladies are the ones you have to thank for the daily behind-the-scenes work to get your orders delivered from our farm to your table.

They all pitch in to process and pack orders, label milk jugs, cook nutrient-dense bone broth, help the guys butcher chickens, and of course, answer your phone calls and emails.

Our family is incredibly blessed to be surrounded by such good people. We truly would not be able to bring you these high integrity foods without their help.

If you wish to give the farm team a "virtual high-five"... Leave us a Google review here. :)

We do read each review even if we don’t always post a public reply.

Blessings on your day,

~5th generation on the farm


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