Sunrise with the Cows PHOTO STORY

written by

Wesley Shank

posted on

August 22, 2023

Morning milking ends as a new day dawns.

Streams of sunlight brighten the sky while mist rises slowly off the land. Cows eagerly trot out the field-lane to find their waiting breakfast of lush pasture grass.

It is a beautiful morning to be alive on the farm!


I wish you could've been out there in the cow pasture with me. But since that wasn't possible, I'll do my best to tell the story with photos and you can just pretend you were there too. :)


Breathe deeply, relax, and imagine yourself out in our organic cow pasture at dawn. The early morning milking is just being completed now... The cows are anxious to get to new grass and will be arriving shortly...



The grass is heavy with dew and sunlight sparkles in each droplet. Birds are singing. You are surrounded by a thriving ecosystem – The very essence of peace.



You hear them before you see them. Then the first cows come into view through a veil of fog.



This is the day's golden hour in full glory!



Of course, grass is a priority... but first a bit of playful frisking by these truly happy cows! :)


Soon the cows settle down and spread out across the pasture to leisurely enjoy their organic salad bar breakfast.



Notice the hoop buildings in the upper right background of this picture... Those are the mobile pastured turkey shelters so we can move our turkeys to fresh grass each day just like the cows.


And in the background of this picture are the pastured meat chicken shelters. They get moved to new grass each day too....

Everybody is out enjoying fresh grass, clean air, and bright sunshine just as God designed them to live. :)


Cheers to the gentle creatures we have to thank for rich, creamy Jersey Milk and exquisite raw milk cheeses... For nutrient-dense, golden butter and deluxe servings of thick Greek Yogurt.

I’m going to pour myself a tall glass of Raw Milk now and cut a thick slice of Cheddar Cheese to go along with it. (For maximum flavor, raw cheese should be near room temperature before serving.)

We finally have most of our Truly Raw Cheeses in stock again after being sold out of several varieties over the past couple months. Of course, Cheddar is our #1 Best Seller but the one-year-aged Cheddar Fromage Affine is our most popular aged cheese.

Now we are excited to announce a 2-year-aged Cheddar for the sharp cheese lovers in our tribe! With twice the age maybe it will be twice as good... :)

Thank-you for choosing to support our regenerative farm.

In return, we count it a privilege to provide you with clean, nutrient-dense foods your family can eat with confidence.

Blessings on your day,

~5th generation on the farm


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