Rodrick & Jeanette's Baby News!

written by

Edwin Shank

posted on

May 16, 2024

Good morning Family Cow Family!

There's no food news today... just a few pictures to introduce the littlest Shank.

Dawn and I are delighted to welcome our newest grandson, Leo René Shank! He's the second son, fourth child in Rodrick and Jeanette's family. He arrived safely Sunday morning, April 28th.


This picture was actually on his first day in this world. I have no idea how Rodrick and Jeanette caught a tiny smile on his first day... It looks like Leo feels pretty pleased with where he landed in life! LOL!


Jeanette and the baby both seem to be doing very well!


Rodrick with the baby while Sofia gives precious Leo one of many kisses for the day! :)


Big brother Andre and sisters Clara and Sofia getting their first precious moments with their newborn brother! Sofia is two and she looks a little sober as she sizes up this tiny usurper claiming her spot as the baby of the family. :)


I guess Dawn & I are now Grandparents for the 13th time! Lil’ Leo makes the 6th grandson and there are 7 granddaughters. I'm joking with the couples that we want another boy next to make a perfect 7 boy/girl balance. Of course, it's all in fun and we'd be thrilled with either... but let's just say this: If God gives us a perfect 7 balance... there just may be a good many photos taken! 😊 


One last cute picture to close on... Grandma always needs her cuddle time too! :)


Grandpa Edwin


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