The grazing season of 2023 has begun in earnest!

written by

Rodrick Shank

posted on

April 24, 2023

Good morning!

The grazing season of 2023 has begun in earnest! 

Happy Jersey Cows on lush spring grass give delicious raw milk!

Here is a quick 25-second video that Wesley shot a few days ago. The cows are so happy to be out "harvesting" their own grass again.

One of our dairy farmer friends, Kinley Coulter, says it this way:

"Watching the cows tearing around the pastures in undisguised, unabashed, undiluted joy... just like a classroom of children let out to recess on a beautiful spring day... is one of the many blessings of spring on the farm!"

Amen to that, Kinley. :)

Here's to another spring season of delicious, golden milk again!

Your Farmer,

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