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Truly Pastured, 100% Soy-Free

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Truly Pastured, 100% Soy-Free

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Pack 4 DOZ Large/X Large Soy-free Eggs

Home Delivery Only - Yes, UPS shipping & packaging is expensive!

Ever wonder why our Truly Pastured Eggs are so special? A picture is worth a thousand words....

Cage Free vs. Pastured Chickens

One of the biggest differences between our eggs and the organic, pastured eggs in the grocery stores is the amount of pasture grass the birds are getting each day. Almost all companies that are selling eggs in the supermarkets are too big and industrial to have mobile chicken shelters that can be moved to fresh grass daily. If chickens live in big stationary buildings that can’t be moved to fresh grass regularly, the birds will eat the grass down to the dirt in a few weeks and then they are not truly pastured even if they do still have outdoor access to a dirt run.

This is the way it works for most industrial organic pastured eggs in the grocery stores. See pictures on this blog post my dad, Edwin, wrote the other year for some examples of industrial organic pastured eggs.

Since these birds don’t have enough grass/bugs in their diet to keep the egg yolk color looking dark yellow / orange the big guys have a problem on their hands. And they know what to do about it. Put orange coloring in the feed for the industrial organic chicken (with access to dirt “pasture”) and customers in the grocery store will never know these birds aren’t living on lush grass. Here is an article I wrote to explain this more. How can Industrial Organic supermarket eggs have such bright orange yolks?

And that is just about the problem of fake “pasture raised” eggs. I didn’t even get started about the probability of fraudulent organic grain being fed to those “organic” chickens... We grow all of our own feed to verify the integrity of our foods being truly chemical-free. Read my post: Organic Grain Fraud – Behind the Industrial Curtain Part 3.

Did I mention that our eggs are 100% Soy-Free? Very, very few farms are soy-free.... we have customers who get us to ship our eggs out to them on the west coast because they have a soy intolerance and can only eat these eggs. :)

There are other small farmers doing truly pastured, truly organic eggs like we offer, but most of them are not soy-free. And sadly, many small farms like us do not even give their chickens organic feed. They can’t afford to grow their own grain and they don’t trust the industrial organic grain to be truly chemical-free because of all the fraud that has been exposed. These farmers use GMO-free feed... but GMO-free is not anywhere near truly chemical-free.

This is Why we put so much effort into growing all our own animal food. We want to be able to tell you that there is no chance of imported grain fraud on our farm! :)

Don't be fooled by Industrial Organics... Know your farmer so you can trust your food again. Read more here...