Soy-Free Pastured Turkey

Truly Pastured - moved daily to fresh grass! No Soy | No GMOs | No Hormones | No Antibiotics

Hey! Let's Talk Turkey!

These turkeys are lovingly raised by us on our Family Cow farm. They are grown GMO-Free, Soy-Free and in respect to animal welfare. We fully pasture them 24/7, and move them every day, rain or shine, to new organic grass, clover and bugs. (Turkeys seem to love bugs best!)

Our family and team then hand-butchers our turkeys on our farm in our zero-waste, mobile butchering wagon. Even the feathers are composted and their nutrients returned to the farm soil.

Also worthy of note: we do not allow Clorox or any other chemicals anywhere near your turkeys! Nothing but a little organic apple cider vinegar and Celtic sea salt and ice are used in the chill water.

Yes, you can taste the purity and the difference! :)

Here's a recent customer review:

"This was the best turkey we have ever eaten!! SO moist... so much flavor!! Even our dad (who had originally balked at the cost) said this was the best bird he ever had and was well worth it! We are on day 2 of enjoying leftovers... and you guys just have to know, you raise the best!!!"