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Top Farm Hits

Top Favorites of our Grass-fed Beef, Woodland Pork, Pastured Chicken... all Soy-Free, GMO-Free, and Sugar-Free! These Bundles are the best way to save money and get to know our farm.

Top Farm Hits Bundle

36 4oz portions | Grass-fed Beef | Woodland Pork | Pastured Chicken

Summer Griller Bundle

40 - 4oz servings | Grass-fed Beef | Pastured Pork | Pastured Chicken

Pork Savings Bundle

80 4oz portions – Soy-FREE, Sugar-FREE, Woodland Pork at its best!

Chicken Savings Bundle

20 lb Avg. | 80 4oz portions – Truly Pastured Chicken at its best!

Cheese Combo Case

10 different kinds of Family Cow Cheese! – 10 blocks

5 PK Old Fashioned Roast Beef

5 minute meal – 3 servings (per pack) fully cooked, sliced and ready to eat!

5 PK Pulled Pork

2 minute meal – 4 servings (per pack) fully cooked and ready to eat!

Chicken Broth Making Bundle

Makes 35-50 cups of Organically Pastured, Soy-Free Chicken broth