How can Industrial Organic supermarket eggs have such bright orange yolks?

written by

Wesley Shank

posted on

July 27, 2021

It used to be, whenever you saw a nice yellow egg yolk, you could trust those chickens were the real deal – truly pastured.

Not any more.

Now days, the Industrial Organic Concentration farms can choose the exact color of yolk they want to make it look like their chickens are out on pasture.

Here's an example of the yolk color options a farmer chooses from when he is ordering chicken feed.

"Let's see... I believe I'll go with a dark yellow #11 today. That should get my yolk color just as good as those crazy farmers with pastured chickens. ;) Who knows, my brand might even gain popularity in the grocery stores!"

Yes, it's the sad truth...

And too many people end up wasting money on industrial eggs because of it.

They trust the yolk color as a true indicator of how much grass a chicken is eating when instead it gives a good idea how much dye may be in the chicken feed.

How can you be sure your are getting truly pastured eggs?

Know your farmer. Ask him the question.

We have the real thing – Truly pastured chickens moved to fresh grass and bugs each day.

Remember: you are the hero in defeating Industrial Organics.

Without your choice to buy our Truly Pastured, Chemical-Free, Soy-Free foods we could do very little on our own.

Thank-you for choosing to support our farm! 

In return, we'll do our best to treat you like friends and feed you like family. :) 

Wesley Shank

~ 5th generation on the farm

God Designed it... We Respect it... That Explains it!


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