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Why Stock Up?

1 Saves You Money

No convincing needed on this one! :) Saving Money on real foods is always a good thing.

2 Secures Your Supply

We are only a small family farm, so yes, we do sell out of some seasonal products a few times a year. Get it while you can!

3 Makes Life Easy

Stock up now and you can grab a grass-fed steak or pastured chicken from your freezer whenever you want!

Even people who care about food can be fooled by industrial organics in the supermarkets...

That's why we grow the real stuff! Real Organic, Truly Pastured, Soy-Free, and Humanely Raised.

Now you can trust what you eat!

We believe in Regenerative Farming. Build the soil – Leave it better than you found it – Work with Life not Death.

We are restoring health to the land and to our communities... But our mission depends on your support. Spread the word!