Truly Raw Grass-fed Cow Cheese

Top quality artisan cheeses packed with naturally occurring raw milk enzymes and probiotics.

The Event is over but we still offer case savings.

Most grocery store cheeses are made from dead, pasteurized milk that may contain traces of chemicals and antibiotics from the farm.

You deserve the cleanest immunity building foods available.

That's why we offer Organically Grass-fed Raw Milk Cheeses ready to ship nationwide. Raw Cheese helps boost your immunity with the same naturally occurring probiotics and enzymes found in raw milk.

Shop Raw Cheese Volume Savings or see all 8 oz. block options here.

✓ Truly Raw – Never warmed above Cow's Body Temperature!

✓ Soy-FREE, Corn-FREE, Chemical-FREE, GMO-FREE

✓ Antibiotic & Artificial Hormone-FREE

✓ Raw Family Cow Jersey Milk

✓ Artisan Crafted


Raw Cow Cheese Reviews

My kids absolutely love the Raw Jersey Cow Milk! Not to mention their delicious cheeses. I have never bought anything that I disliked from them! I can promise that the price is worth it.
Christan E.
Love Love Love everything I have ever ordered.... Our favorites are the yogurt and cheese etc...
Patricia W.
Amazing Raw Milk and Raw Grass-fed Cheeses. You get what you pay for... It's truly a blessing that Chambersburg has a place like this.
Jonathan P.

All Volume Saving Options

Yellow Cheddar - 5 lb. Block

colored w/ natural Annatto Seed Extract

Cheddar - 5 lb. Block

Our #1 Best Selling Cheese!

Unsalted Cheddar - 5 lb. Block

5 lb. avg. block – No artificial ingredients!

10 Pack Cheese Combo

8 kinds of Family Cow Cheese! -10 blocks

10 Pack Fromage Affiné (Aged Cheddar)

10 - 8 oz. avg blocks - Aged over 12 months – #1 Best Tasting!

10 Pack – 8 oz Cheddar blocks

10 – 8 oz. blocks – Our #1 Best Selling Cheese!

10 Pack – 8 oz Yellow Cheddar blocks

10 – 8 oz. blocks – Our #2 Best Selling Cheese!

10 Pack – 8 oz. Unsalted Cheddar

10 - 8 oz. blocks – No artificial ingredients!

10 Pack Yogurt Cheese

10 – 8 oz. blocks

10 Pack Baby Swiss

10 – 8 oz. blocks

10 Pack Colby

10 – 8 oz. blocks

Don't use enough cheese to get the best volume savings price? Find a friend to share the cheese with so you both can save money and enjoy Truly Raw Grass-fed Cow Cheeses together! :)

And Remember: you can store our cheeses 3-6 months in the refrigerator or keep the shredded cheese even longer in the freezer. If you buy a 5 lb. block and want to replicate our popular Fromage Affiné, keep it tucked away in a dark cool spot for 8-12 months. This will give it that delicious aged flavor superior to our regular cheddar.

Our Cheese Protocols

Truly Raw

Never warmed above cow's body temp so you get the full benefit of all naturally occurring enzymes and probiotics.


Got soy allergies? Our cows are 100% Soy-free so you can enjoy this cheese with peace of mind.


Not only Soy-Free but also 100% Corn-Free... we go the second mile. :)

Organically Grass-fed

No Chemicals & No GMOs! Our cows graze on organic pastures in the summer and eat stored organic grasses in the winter.

Aged at least 60 Days

Artisan cultured to improve with age... Live Raw Cheese never stops developing!

No Antibiotics

With good care and a healthy life style our cows live happily just as God designed them. No Antibiotics or Artificial Growth Hormones needed!

Customer Review:

"We've been ordering food from The Family Cow for several years, because they have the highest quality truly organic, pastured meat, eggs and raw dairy I can find. All the employees are super friendly and helpful. The cheeses and other raw dairy products are excellent." ~ Emilie N.

"What makes Raw Milk Cheese better than other cheese?"

It is Truly RAW! Complete with all the natural living enzymes, probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and healthy bacteria your body needs. Our Raw Milk Cheese is never warmed above cow's body temperature of 102° so you'll be sure to get all the nutrients naturally living in Raw Milk. This is especially beneficial if it's hard to find Raw Milk near you.... just make sure to get plenty of Raw Milk cheese in your diet and you'll be going a long way towards improved immunity and over-all gut health.

Lactose Intolerant Friendly: Raw Milk Cheeses are usually much easier to digest even for those who are Lactose Intolerant. This is because truly Raw Cheese includes the enzyme lactase found in Raw Milk. Lactase is important for you body to metabolize carbohydrates and process lactose in the milk. Pasteurization in milk and cheese disables this enzyme lactase which causes the all-too-common discomfort of Lactose Intolerance.

Packed with Vitamins and Protein: Each serving of Raw Milk Cheese supplies you with 7 grams of complete proteins and all nine essential amino acids. Plus it boosts your calcium and gives you vitamins A, B, D, E, and K. Do your research on how Vitamin K improves heart health and lowers calcium buildup in your arteries and veins.

No Dyes: Our Raw Grass-fed Cow cheeses will have a natural yellow tint due to the cows grass diet. The color will vary throughout the year but right now our cheeses are especially bright yellow. Most of the cheese you buy now was from milk produced during the summer or fall as the cows were happily grazing on plenty of lush grass! :) Our Yellow Cheddar is naturally colored with Annatto Seed Extract.

No Wood Pulp or Fungicides: Grocery store shredded cheeses will sometimes include wood pulp (Cellulose) as an anticlumping agent or Natamycin as a fungicide preservative. We never use either! If our shredded cheese clumps a little it's easy to break apart and if you want to store it longer than a month just pop it in the freezer to keep it fresh.

Or if you'd rather buy a few 8 oz. blocks instead of these volume savings you can see all our other Raw Cheese Options here.

Many people are fooled by Industrial Organics in the supermarkets.

On our farm, we grow high integrity foods so you can eat every meal with confidence.