Fromage Affiné  (Aged Cheddar)

Fromage Affiné (Aged Cheddar)

8 oz. avg block - Aged over 12 months – #1 Best Tasting!

I choose this perfectly aged cheese as our #1 Best Tasting Cheese! :)

Yes, that is my personal preference, but most people who taste this cheese agree with me that it has amazing flavor. Fromage Affiné is at the perfect stage between being aged enough to enhance the flavor, but yet it hasn't reached the "sharp" aged cheese flavor that is too strong for some people.

The name of this cheese says it well... "Fromage Affiné" is a French phrase that literally means "mature cheese!" Since this cheese comes from our best selling Raw Cheddar it is quite fitting that with maturing age one popular cheese turns into another outstandingly flavorful cheese! :) 

Wesley Shank

~ 5th generation on the farm

  • Handmade Artisanal Cheese that is aged more than 12 months
  • Aged cheeses deliver a remarkable, delightful, flavor experience!
  • Aged cheeses are drier with a more crystalline texture

This is Truly Raw Cheese. To respect and preserve the healing power of raw milk's enzymes, probiotics, fats and proteins, we only warm the milk to 102 degrees F. (cow body temperature) during cheese making. Many "raw" cheeses are heated to just below legal pasteurization temperature of 161 degrees F. Heating cheese that much kills off many of the good bacteria that helps your body digest dairy.Another benefit of our grass-fed raw milk cheese is the high amounts of naturally occurring Omega-3s and CLAs. Grass-fed Cow milk/cheese has about 3 times more of these healthy fats compared to the regular conventional milk/cheese you find the grocery stores.Omega-3s promote good heart health and overall enhanced brain function.CLAs are one of the best nutritional methods of defending against cancer and atherosclerosis.

P.S. If you are looking for a seriously aged "sharp" cheese you can buy a few extra blocks of this Fromage Affine and store it in the refrigerator for 1-2 years. If you have enough blocks in the aging process you can open one ever couple months to test the progress and find out what stage your prefer. :)

Note for UPS Home Delivery Orders: If you have meat on your order, this cheese will ship frozen because we need to use dry ice in all meat orders. The flavor of the cheese will not be affected, but it could crumble easier as you slice it. If you do not want your cheese frozen you should purchase it on an order with only refrigerated items.


Raw Milk from Organically Grass-Fed Jersey Cows, Sea Salt, Animal Rennet, Cheese Culture