Organic Grain: Cornmeal

5 lb. Yellow Cornmeal Bag

Certified Organic – resealable 5 lb. bag

Attention Preppers... Be prepared with Organic Cornmeal!

If you have never used cornmeal before you are in for an excellent eating experience... I promise. Our whole family loves it! Here is the family favorite cornbread recipe that my wife Dawn uses. And we’ll be posting more recipes online soon too. Keep an eye on the website for more exciting ways to explore this timeless traditional food.

I’ll be up front. I have mixed feelings about this announcement. The last thing I want to do is to add to the fear and panic and hysteria of the future. But there is a side to being prepared that is not panicky but is simply wise, rational, and prepared... prepared for the unknown. And let’s be honest. All of us in our nation are facing a lot of unknowns right now.

We know you are looking for economical, wholesome, life sustaining, immunity boosting whole foods that are also able to be stored for a long time even without refrigeration. Cornmeal meets all of those requirements. So we are ready to help.