Beef & Pork Summer Sausage

Beef & Pork Summer Sausage

avg. 12 oz

Our ready-to-eat Summer Sausage is here and boy oh boy is it ever good! :)

Top quality grass-fed meat and all organic spices crafted together in our own butcher shop equals a Summer Sausage so delicious you'll be coming back for more. Enjoy! :)

Note: This Summer Sausage also goes well with our Raw Cow Cheeses.

Keep Refrigerated at all times since our Summer Sausage does not have any artificial preservatives. 

✔ Made with Premium Grass-fed Beef & Woodland Pork (no junk meat or fillers!)

✔ No sugar 

✔ No nitrates or nitrites

✔ And of course no MSG

✔ Fully pre-cooked


✔ Delicious Flavor

Customer Reviews:

"It's fantastic!!!!!" ~ Tracey S.

"I absolutely loved it. We did a few dinner meals where we paired it with the cheddar cheese and had the summer sausage and it was delicious!" ~ Brett A.

"This was my first time eating summer sausage but it’s just delicious." ~ Daniel G.

"The Summer Sausage is awesome! Our family loves it, especially our 4 year old! It is a weekly staple for us - well, sometimes bi-weekly now that we discovered the garlic bologna. They are both crowd pleasers for lunch with our daughters!" ~ Pete R.

"I absolutely love the summer sausage!" ~ Jeannie B.


Beef, Pork, Celtic Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Coriander, Whole Mustard Seed, Allspice, Minced Garlic