Raw Jersey Cow Milk

Grass-fed | Organically Pastured | Every Batch Lab Tested

100% Raw

Never Heated! You get the milk straight from the cow the way God designed it. It's as if you had your own Family Cow! ;-)

Organically Pastured

Our Farm land is certified by PCO. No Chemicals, No Herbicides, No Antibiotics!


Yep, that means our cows are Truly Pastured, Soy-Free, and Corn-Free!

Jersey Cows

Gentle Jerseys grazing on lush grass... No wonder the milk is so rich and creamy!

A2 Milk

We aren't certified A2A2 but we are working on it. The herd is predominately A2A2 right now!

Every Batch Lab Tested

Safety is our top priority. We lab test every batch of milk before selling. Check out our Raw Milk Safety page below.

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See our Jersey Cow Photos! Aren't they such beautiful cows?

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Homemade Creamline Eggnog

ON SALE! Save $0.82
$7.95/ea (Quart - lightly pasteurized as required by PA law... but NOT homogenized!)
Holiday Special Homemade Creamline Eggnog

Raw Chocolate Milk

$7.70/ea (Half Gallon – Grass-fed, Organically Produced, Raw Chocolate Milk)
Clear-out Sale Raw Chocolate Milk

10 Gallon Volume - Raw Cow Milk

ON SALE! Save $5.80
$84.00/ea (Grass-fed, Organically Produced, Raw Jersey Cow Milk)
Volume Price 10 Gallon Volume - Raw Cow Milk

Gallon Raw Cow Milk

$8.98/ea (Grass-fed, Organically Produced, Raw Jersey Cow Milk)
Sale Gallon Raw Cow Milk

Note: We can NOT sell Raw Milk outside of PA because of Government Regulations.

If you are outside of PA, Raw Milk will not even show up as an option for you to order. Sorry!... You can talk to Overprotective Big Brother about it. :)

New to Raw Milk? See this handy comparison chart from RAW FARM on raw milk vs. pasteurized milk.

Raw Milk Comparison Chart



Even people who care about food can be fooled by industrial organics in the supermarkets...

That's why we grow the real stuff! Real Organic, Truly Pastured, Soy-Free, and Humanely Raised.

Now you can trust what you eat!

5 Ways We Beat Industrial Organics!

Ignorance is Not bliss. You deserve to know.