Truly Pastured Soy-Free Chicken

Moved twice a day to fresh grass!

Our truly Pastured Chicken has lots of the good fats!

When Chicken is moved twice a day to fresh grass like our is, it will have 2-3 times more omega-3 fatty acids than industrial grocery store chicken!

That is pretty amazing... especially when you consider that 90% of Americans are estimated to be deficient in omega-3 fatty acids! :/

Choose truly pastured chicken today and improve your family's omega-3 intake. I don't believe you'll ever regret it.

And if you're really looking for the highest possible omega-3 intake with chicken, then make sure to choose thighs and drumsticks. Pastured Chicken Thighs have been shown to contain 450mg of omega-3 in each 4 oz. serving! That is 450mg compared to 190mg in industrial chicken. One serving of pastured chicken thighs gives you 25% of your daily recommended intake. That is a lot of omega-3s!

In comparison to the thigh meat, the chicken breast is going to be a lot less omega-3 at only about 120mg / 4 oz. serving. Then again, that is still a lot of omega-3 compared to conventional chicken breast at only 40mg / 4 oz. serving.

So there you have it. A good reason to start eating more truly pastured chicken thighs and drumsticks! :)

Our Chicken Protocols

Truly Pastured

Yep, we do it the real way – we move our chickens twice a day to fresh grass and clover on our certified organic pastures!

No Soy

Allergic to Soy? We got the chicken (and eggs) you are looking for!

Humanly Raised

No cut off beaks or crowding into tight pens. Our chickens use their beaks the way God designed... Look out bugs!

Quality Processed

We do our own butchering on farm – No chlorine baths for our chickens!


None. In fact, everything they eat is certified organic. Compare that with other pastured poultry! Very few pastured chicken farmers feed certified organic.

No Antibiotics

Why use Antibiotics when we can keep our chickens healthy by raising them on plenty of fresh grass, water, and certified organic feed?

When people ask why Family Cow pastured chicken is "yummier" than other pastured chicken, I'm not always sure what to tell them because there are several possible reasons.

One reason is that our pasture grasses which the chickens forage daily are all certified organic. This means no exposure to herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, heavy metal toxins, antibiotics or genetically modified plants. Pure diet makes purer taste... That's a no-brainer!

Or maybe it's the soy-free factor that makes them taste better. Believe it or not, most pastured chickens, even those that are certified organic, are fed soybeans or soymeal as a staple of their diet. Soy is not a natural or healthy protein source for chickens even if it is certified organic, so we do not use it.

But if I had to choose one reason, I think the biggest difference in improved taste and purity is that we always move our chickens to new organic grass and clover 2 times per day and sometimes 3 times a day depending on the flock needs and the grass availability. This is a lot of work, but we make it easier with specially designed shelters. The supplemental feeders and waterers hang from the roof, so the entire shelter moves easily and the chickens just walk to new grass!

This keeps our chickens eating the freshest, greenest, purest organic grass and clover and bugs all day long. Our photo gallery gives you a visual idea of how it all works.

Since chickens are omnivores (not herbivores), they cannot live on grass alone. To supplement their pasture diet, our chickens also get a Certified Organic mix of corn, peas, sesame meal, oats, crab meal, sunflower, and fishmeal with a vitamin, mineral, and probiotic mix called Fertrell Poultry Nutri-Balancer.

All of these supplements are Certified Organic (chemical free), 100% Soy-Free, GMO-Free, Antibiotic-Free and Hormone-Free just like all of "Family Cow" farm animal feeds.

So ask any potential chicken supplier these three questions.

  1. Certified organic pasture AND feed?
  2. Soy-free diet?
  3. Shelters moved at least twice a day?

If the growing environment is different, the chicken simply will not be the same. The cleanness & purity of a pastured chicken is directly proportional to the pureness of their environment and diet.

It's not rocket science, folks! It's called following God's plan.

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Pastured Chicken Photos... Take a virtual farm tour! 

Even people who care about food can be fooled by industrial organics in the supermarkets...

That's why we grow the real stuff! Real Organic, Truly Pastured, Soy-Free, and Humanely Raised.

Now you can trust what you eat!