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100% Grass-Fed & Grass-Finished Beef

Organically Raised | No Corn or Soy | No GMOs | No Antibiotics | No Chemicals | No Artificial Hormones

Looking for a superior steak experience over the typical steakhouses?

You are at the right place.

Here's the reason why our steaks are so juicy and packed with flavor...

Grain-fed CAFO beef lacks the deep flavor profile Grass-fed Beef achieves from a diet of diverse grass. But then the problem is, without any grain to induce quick marbling, the average 100% Grass-fed Beef steak is a bit lean.

That's why we put so much extra time and effort into slowly raising our beef on a wide variety of regenerative pasture grasses. 

You deserve to get the best of both worlds.

Full-flavored 100% Grass-fed beef raised on regenerative pastures and finished out with an extra 6 months on pasture adds that fantastic marbling the natural way.

No grain ever. All fat marbling on our beef is hard-earned from grass only.

It's very difficult to achieve... but the reward of true Grass-fed marbling is worth it all. Something about that long, expensive investment of time brings out the true appreciation for how special grass-fed marbling really is.

We still don't achieve "high Choice" or "Prime" marbling very often, but with this as our focus, many of our steaks are solidly in the Choice range... well above most lean Grass-fed Beef.

Enjoy a fine dining experience with the deep flavor profile of our 100% Grass-fed Steaks. Fat marbling melts into the steak as it cooks, adding richness and juiciness to perfectly complement the tender texture.

100% Grass-fed New York & Ribeye Steaks on the grill

Why is Grass-fed & Grass-finished Beef better than Grain-fed Beef?

If a picture is worth a thousand words then I'll skip 975 of them and let this comparison speak for itself.

One glance is enough.



Our daily food choices have long lasting consequences for better or for worse. It's up to us which one it will be.

These two beef environments show a stark contrast... and so does the resulting beef you eat. I know without a shadow of a doubt which system I want to support.

Did you know truly grass-fed beef not only has a much lower carbon footprint, but can actually sequester tons of carbon back into the soil when managed properly? More on that later.



Grass-fed Beef is NOT all equal

Before we jump into the details, I want you to know "grass-fed" beef is NOT all equal.

Since "grass-fed" is not a regulated term, anybody can market their beef as grass-fed. Almost all beef in the USA have been raised on grass for several months of their lives and so... We have "grass-fed" beef for everyone! Even supermarkets are selling it.

Truly Grass-fed Beef is also Grass-finished. This is what makes it so special.

If you don't know whether your grass-fed beef is also grass-finished, then you better find out. Often beef labeled as "grass-fed" has been feed a corn and soy based diet for the last 3-5 months of its life in a feedlot.

Here at The Family Cow our beef cattle are truly pastured, grass-fed and grass-finished.

But beyond truly grass-fed, there is one more critical point to consider when buying beef.

Is it also chemical free?

All of our livestock, pasture grass-land, and winter hay are totally Chemical Free.

This is truly important. Just because a farm is 100% grass-fed does NOT mean that it isn't being sprayed with chemical pesticides and herbicides. Dad's Double Agent story is a real eye-opener.

And what about the winter time?

Did you ever wonder how farmers grass feed cattle in the winter time? Dad also put together a photo story to show you exactly how it works on our farm: Grass Feeding Cows in the Winter Time.


Truly Grass-fed Beef is a Nutritional Powerhouse

I always knew our truly grass-fed beef was packed with nutrition... but seeing the numbers is seriously amazing!

100% grass-fed beef has 4 times more omega-3 fatty acids than grain-fed beef!

And this real beef also has a much better omega-6 : omega-3 ratio of 3:1 instead of the extremely high 15:1 ratio often found in grain-fed beef!

These omega-3s have been shown to improve heart health and enhance brain function. Omega-3s can also help protect you from depression, schizophrenia, ADD and Alzheimer's disease.

It's a sad statistic that shows 70-90% of Americans are deficient in omega-3 fatty acids.

But this is just the beginning.

Truly grass-fed beef also has 3 times the amount of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) compared to grain-fed beef.

CLAs are one of the best nutritional defenses against cancer. On average, Americans have less than half the optimal level of CLAs in their diet. Truly grass-fed beef can help reduce carcinogenesis, atherosclerosis, and the onset of diabetes.



Your Choice of Truly Grass-fed Beef Improves Soil Health

Yep, when you choose to support our farm, you are doing more than just improving your own health. Your choice helps us improve soil health with regenerative agriculture practices.

We use a management technique called Rotational Grazing with our cattle. This gives your family top quality beef while regenerating soil health in our pastures and the environment. It is an astoundingly simple system... The goal is to mimic the herding and movement patterns of ancient herds of ruminates like the American Bison.

With this method, our beef cattle are only on a section of pasture for 1-2 days before moving on. This allows the grass to grow back rich and lush after the cattle have moved through and fertilized it with their manure.

All that lush pasture grass is pulling carbon from the air and transferring it to the soil. Rotational grazing speeds up the growth of grass, which in turn, pulls even more carbon into the soil! :)

Studies show truly grass-fed beef cattle can sequester more atmospheric carbon into the soil than they emit in their lifetime!

It's a beautiful cycle God designed for optimal animal health, improved soil health, and even atmospheric health!

With your support, we are turning run-down farm land into a thriving example of regenerative agriculture! Every pound of our grass-fed beef you buy helps us build soil health and sequester more carbon from the atmosphere.

Remember: you are the hero in our regenerative farming.

Without your choice to support us we could do very little on our own.

Thank you for helping us reinvest in soil health across the hundreds of acres we manage... AND thank you for helping us produce immunity-building, gut-healing, truly pastured foods that so many people depend upon!

All the best of food and blessings....

Your Farmer,


~5th generation on the farm

God Designed it... We Respect it... That Explains it! 

We carefully manage every step of the process to bring you high quality, clean Grass-fed Beef you can eat with confidence.

Here's our 100% Grass-fed Beef Quality Guarantee:

✓ Respectfully Harvested at our small USDA butcher shop

✓ Always Humanely Raised on Organic Pastures

✓ 100% Grass-fed & Grass-finished

✓ Artificial Hormone-Free

✓ 10 Day Dry Aged

✓ Citric Acid-Free

✓ Antibiotic-Free

✓ Chemical-Free

✓ mRNA-Free

✓ GMO-Free

Featured Beef Items!

Marbled Ribeye Steak

avg. 12-14 oz. - steak size varies but we bill on the exact weight you receive

Ribeye (Delmonico) Steak

avg. 12 - 14 oz. / 1 in. thick

New York Strip Steak

avg. 11-12 oz. - 1 steak/pack

100% Grass-fed Beef Burgers on the grill

It’s easy to be fooled by industrial organics in the supermarket.

That’s why our farm is dedicated to only high integrity foods.

You deserve to eat every meal with confidence!