Soy-Free Woodland Pigs

Organically Raised in Woods & Open Pasture | No GMOs | No Antibiotics

Our Soy-free Organically raised pigs live in the woods and on pasture the way a pig was meant to live. When a pig lives in such a perfect environment all their lives it makes some mighty fine eating. Taste the difference for yourself!

Our Pork Protocols


Pasture Raised

No Antibiotics


No Nitrates/Nitrites


Best Selling Pork Cuts!

Sale Pork Baby Back Ribs
Pork Baby Back Ribs
avg. 1 lb.
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Sale Pork Bacon - Hickory Smoked
Pork Bacon - Hickory Smoked
avg. 1 lb. (limit 2)
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Sale Pork Chops
Pork Chops
avg. 0.75 lb. - Boneless - 2/pack
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Sale Chorizo Pork Sausage - Patties
Chorizo Pork Sausage - Patties
1 lb./pkg - SUGAR FREE!
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See our Woodland Pig Photos... It's a virtual farm tour! 

Even people who care about what they eat can be fooled by industrial organics in the supermarkets...

That's why we grow Real Food: Organic,Truly Pastured, Soy-Free and Humanely Raised.

Now you can trust what you eat!