Amazing Love CD - Free

Amazing Love CD - Free

Acapella singing by the Altar of Praise Chorale... intended to provide a quiet and meaningful message of hope.

FREE - Take all you want!

Why free music on your farmer's food website?

We love inspirational, acapella songs so much that we bought 1,000 of these CDs to give away to our Tribe. Take one for yourself and feel free to get an extra copy for family and friends if you enjoy it. :)

Enough of you replied with words of appreciation to our virtual "Team Christmas Caroling" that we were sure you would enjoy these songs as well. :)

These songs are sung by a group, Altar of Praise Chorale. As they say it, "This CD is intended to share the plan of salvation in beautiful, four-part harmony. Readings of foundational scriptures throughout the recording make the Gospel message clear."

List of Tracks:

1. Oh, For a Heart to Praise My God
2. Genesis 1:1,2
3. I Sing the Mighty Power of God
4. Psalm 33:6-9
5. This Is My Father’s World
6. Genesis 1:27
7. Garden Crisis
8. Genesis 3:23
9. Romans 3:23
10. Oh, To Have No Hope In Jesus
11. John 3:16
12. The Old Rugged Cross
13. Amazing Love! How Can it Be?
14. Matthew 28:2,5,6a
15. Lift Your Glad Voices
16. I Know That My Redeemer Liveth
17. I Peter 1:18,19; Titus 2:14a; I John 1:9
18. Saved By The Blood
19. Romans 6:23
20. Revelation 20:12,15
21. My Lord, What a Morning
22. What Will You Do With Jesus?
23. Matthew 11:28-30
24. Come Unto Me
25. How Beautiful Heaven Must Be
26. I Heard the Sound of Voices