Pork Bacon - Hickory Smoked

Pork Bacon - Hickory Smoked

avg. 1 lb. (limit 2)
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We have had conversations with a few of you about the varying amounts of fat on the bacon. We do not have any control over how much meat the pig grows on the side of its stomach. As we've found, some of you like your bacon to have more fat than others. The bacon usually is near 50/50, meat vs. fat. If you have a preference towards having meatier or fattier bacon, please note that in the comment box provided on the order form.

  • Sugar-Free!
  • Soy-Free!
  • No Nitrates!
  • No Nitrites!
  • No preservatives added!


Woodland Pork, Water, Sea Salt, Vinegar, Spice Extractive