Pork Chops

Pork Chops

avg.14 oz. - Boneless - 2/pack

Pastured Pork Chops are the steak of pork! Whether you choose to pan fry, grill or bake, these chops are sure to give you an amazing experience.

A little salt and pepper and a pat of butter in the cast iron skillet is all you need. Sear till they develop a golden brown crust and have reached an internal temp of 135-140 degrees. Just don't overcook them or you'll end up with a dry, well-done steak texture.




Studies have shown that Pastured / Woodland Pork has 400-500 mg of omega-3 per 4 oz. serving. This is because of all the grass, acorns, roots and leaves they eat while foraging in nature. Regular CAFO Pigs never taste a bite of grass in their lives and only have 40-60 mg of omega-3 in a 4 oz. serving of Pork Chops.

That's almost 10x more Omega-3 in Pastured Pork Chops vs. regular CAFO Pork Chops! One serving of Pastured Pork Chops could provide almost half of your daily recommended amount.


We carefully manage every step of the process to bring you clean Pastured Pork you can eat with confidence.

✓ Respectfully Harvested at our small USDA butcher shop
✓ Always Humanely Raised on Organic Land
✓ No Nitrate or Nitrite Preservatives
✓ No Celery Juice Powder Cures
✓ Artificial Hormone-Free
✓ Citric Acid - Free
✓ Antibiotic-Free
✓ Chemical-Free
✓ mRNA-Free
✓ Sugar-Free
✓ GMO-Free
✓ MSG-Free