The Master's Code - Part 3

written by

Edwin Shank

posted on

June 22, 2021


The Master's Code

Part 3 of 3

A few weeks ago in Part 1 of 'The Master's Code', we discussed how God's created DNA are remarkably like masterminded computer code. I put forth the argument that this astounding Master Code DNA must be respected and remain untampered with, just like any other masterpiece. In Part 2 we disclosed ways that the GMO industry tries to disguise and normalize their disrespectful tampering. This week in Part 3 we'll look at three pressing questions about GMO action points. You CAN make a difference. There is a way! :)

So after the dilemma of GMOs has been hashed over as we have in the last two episodes, it brings us to several pressing questions.

The questions take a few different forms, but they usually boil down to something along the line of these three 'what-can-I-do' questions.

  1. What can I Do to avoid feeding GMOs to my family?
  2. I want to help... What can we Do to STOP GMO corporations?
  3. What can I Do to encourage more farmers to switch to non-GMO?

Amazingly, these three questions share one answer. Simply stop buying GMO foods! It is that simple. As long as folks buy Genetically Modified foods, corporations will keep making them.

But, yes I do know... that simple answer is too glib. Because it brings us a question of its own. How can we know which foods are genetically modified?

"Labeling is the Big Problem"

I hear you say. "We don't know which foods are GMO because GMO corporations keep us in the dark! They do not want to label GMO foods! And when they are forced to label, they do it in such a way that it is still hard to decipher."

You are partly right. Food made with GMOs is not clearly labeled. Even though Monsanto and friends insisted they are proud of their Genetic Modification wizardry and that it is totally safe and there is nothing at all to hide or to be ashamed of.

Hmm... why are they hiding it then?

If it so safe and so good, why don't the food companies boldly advertise that their foods proudly contains GMOs? They could put it in 36 point font centered on the labels like this...

"This Food Proudly Brought to Your Family via Genetic Modification Technology! ENJOY!"

I even asked an industry rep this question one time. Why don't you proclaim the presence of GMO if there is nothing wrong or unsafe? He hung his head and grudgingly admitted that putting "This food made with GMO" on the label would totally ruin their sales. People would not buy. Hmm...

They say there is nothing wrong, but their hiding actions speak so loud that we can't hear what their mouth is saying.

But transparency in labeling is not as hard as you think!

There is another way of labeling! It is called absence labeling. Almost all foods which are NON-GMO are very clearly labeled. So there, Monsanto, you can refuse 'GMO presence labeling' all you want to but we organic and sustainable farmers can always do 'GMO absence labeling.' It gets the same message communicated either way! :)

So here are three 'GMO Absence Labels' to look for: I have listed them in order of Good, Better, Best.


GOOD: Choose NON-GMO PROJECT VERIFIED. This is a group of folks that have made it their special mission to label foods that are free from GMO. So, to avoid GMO even if you don't buy 100% organic, make sure the balance is at least Non-GMO Project Verified. You'll feel good knowing that your food dollars are helping to dry up demand for GMO foods.

In the spirit of total transparency, one downside of Non-GMO Project Verified is that they do not address chemical use. For example, a crop can be non GMO Project Verified and it still could have been sprayed with Atrazine or Glyphosate or with any kind of pesticide. But at least they are Non GMO. It's better than conventional.


BETTER: Look for CERTIFIED ORGANIC. USDA certified organic foods are also non-GMO as well as chemical free. Non GMO is part of the organic regulations along with no antibiotic, no synthetic pesticides and herbicides, no hormones, no cloning and no chemical fertilizer. So, buy organic. It will help put the GMO corporations out of business.

One downside (and I hate to say this, but I have to be honest with you) is that USDA Organic has become huge and industrial, and as such has experienced its share of fraud and scandal. Especially with suspect imported grains from India, Turkey, China, etc. So buy organic but try your hardest to buy local organic, not supermarket industrial organic.


BEST: Look for FAMILY COW foods... :) Or buy your food directly from another farmer that you know well enough to ask the GMO question (and chemical question) directly and can trust what he tells you.

This ultimately is the best way. It certainly is the most personal. But be sure that you really do ask the questions. Take special note of his reaction: A trustworthy farmer will not get defensive with your questions. It always pays to ask.

One mother recently told us of a conversation she had with her one-time-farmer. (She admitted that she was buying from him since his chicken was a bit cheaper than Family Cow chicken.)

Since he was a local farmer and she was buying directly from his farm store and she knew him as a good person and he seemed like a natural, down-to-earth kind of fellow she assumed that the chicken and eggs were GMO free.

When she finally did ask him directly one day he got defensive and declared there was "nothing wrong with GMOs" and no, his chickens were not GMO free but no, he was "not going to label them as such because then no one would buy them because of the great misconceptions and silly fears that ignorant folks have about GMOs."

You can guess the mother's response to that charming sales pitch!

And in case anyone is still not sure... All Family Cow Foods are GMO free as well as chemical free to the best of our knowledge and ability.

Please know that folks like you actively choosing Non-GMO are making a huge difference nationwide too! I've heard two separate accounts of large grain farmers who are abandoning GMO crops. One of the reasons they give is that there is just not as much market demand for GMO crops as there used to be.

Hmm... Farmers will grow what moms and dads buy! The power still resides in the people!

Thank you for helping us respect our Master code-writer, God. Your efforts are fully noticed by our whole farm team every day, week, month and year. You make us smile.

And you know what? I believe God notices and smiles too. :)

All the best of food and blessings,

Your Farmer ~ Edwin Shank

For the Shank Family and The Family Cow Team

God Designed it... We Respect it... That Explains it!

Here are a few other high-integrity farmer suggestions: We do not actually guarantee their foods. They do not all farm exactly as we do. I believe all are GMO-free but some may not be chemical free. We only suggest them as farmers who will transparently allow you to ask questions and who will honestly answer them.

White Oak Pastures

Seven Sons

Brown's Ranch

PolyFace Farm

Dutch Meadows

Miller's Bio Farm

Stony Mountain Ranch

Please do not be offended if we have not listed your favorite farmer. No harm intended. There are literally hundreds of excellent high integrity farms. We cannot mention all of them.

I originally wrote The Master's Code and posted it via this newsletter in 2016. It was all in one huge 3000+ word article. I read over it a few weeks ago and thought it may be good to resend it since so many of you are new since 2016. But I am a little more practical now than then, and decided to break it down into smaller bites. Even now at over 1000 words per part, I realize that only the top 5% of the most intellectual and literate of our tribe will read the whole thing. So, if you are here and still reading, I have a special message for you: "Kudos to you! You are among the top 5% in reading skills and focus and long-term attention span. You will go far in life. Keep reading. Keep learning. Keep thinking deeply. Life never grows old when the mind is kept young with new thoughts to think." :)


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