The Master's Code - Part 2

June 15, 2021

The Master's Code

Part 2 of 3

Last week in Part 1 of 'The Master's Code', I postulated that God's created DNA are remarkably like masterminded computer code. I put forth the argument that if we have proper respect for our great God, that his astounding Master Code DNA must be respected and remain untampered with, just like any other masterpiece. In part 2 of The Master's Code we'll look a bit at how the GMO industry tries to disguise, minimize the differences and normalize their disrespectful tampering.

GMO Weasel Words

One of the most common tactics of the GMO industry is to intentionally muddy the waters by deliberately confusing terms which are really quite scientifically distinct.

For example, the GMO publicists incessantly soothe that, really, all food is genetically modified since normal mating, pollinating and reproducing are a mixing of genes and a changing of DNA. They comfortingly purport that GMO bioengineering is the same thing as hybrids and crossbreeding, only done in a faster way.

Beware! This is the very, very intentionally crafty weasel-speak of an industry that full well knows better!

The very idea that a multibillion-dollar bioengineering corporation would not know the difference between 'hybrids' and GMO 'cross-species gene-splicing' is unbelievable. They know the difference! They are just trying to confuse the issue so they can try to confuse us.

Hybrids, crossbreeding, selecting for the strongest, highest yielding corn, cows, chickens, pigs etc. to produce offspring that is stronger in desired areas is as old as civilization. That much is true and is perfectly within the realm of what God allows man to manage and places under his dominion; kind (species) reproducing within the realm of kind.

But, by the same design of God, all of the crossbreeding, mating and hybrids in the world can never cross the species/kind line. It simply cannot happen. The genetics will not work. That line was established at creation by God.

Genesis 1:25 says, "And God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and everything that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and God saw that it was good."

Kind must mate with kind. Species cannot share genes outside the species. The inability to exchange genes outside of the species group is well known. In fact, that very measurement is what scientist use to define a species. A species is "a group of living organisms consisting of similar individuals capable of exchanging genes or interbreeding."

All scientists know that this is true. This is how they identify a species.

Willingly Ignorant:

So... what are we to think when GMO pushing industries claim that their bioengineering in a laboratory is just like cross breeding on a farm? The claim is dead wrong. And they know it. It is an intentionally ignorant claim. One cannot help but believe that those muddying the waters with the claim just might be willingly ignorant. See 2 Peter 3:5.


GMO Pigs with Mouse Gene:

GMO technology definitely crosses the species line. GMO scientists have inserted mouse DNA into GMO pigs to make the pigs digest their food more efficiently.

I remember reading the research as this pig/mouse cross was being developed. One of the researchers questioned, but what about the 'yuck factor'? What if people do not want to eat the meat from this pig/mouse mix? Other researchers replied, "They will because they will not know. We will not tell them!"

Did you ever puzzle over why millions and billions are spent by the GMO industry to fight against mandatory GMO labeling? They do not want us to know.

Here is another example: Bacillus thuringiensis bacterial toxin is inserted into a GMO corn called BT corn so that every cell in the plant now carries the BT toxin which ruptures the guts of worms and insects that try to feed on the corn plant.

Ever wonder why the rate of leaky gut syndrome has skyrocketed in the last 20 years?
Hmm. Monsanto is puzzled too... More research is needed, I'm sure.

These are only a small sample of what is being done and what is on the GMO drawing board. Feel free to do your research.

These crossing-of-the-species-lines could never happen without GMO scientists doing it in a laboratory. Mice do not mate with pigs. A corn plant does not mate with bacteria. Outside of a deliberate, expensive, highly technical team of scientists who have chosen to delete parts of the Master's Code and insert DNA code from another species in its place, these GMO Franken Foods would never exist.

But don't blame the farmers!

Sometimes organic folks wonder why so many non-organic farmers plant GMO crops. Sometimes they conclude that non-organic farmers must be bad actors. I'd like to say, "give the farmers a break." I personally know hundreds of non-organic farmers. A lot of them plant GMOs, and they are not bad people.

They are mostly humble folks just doing the work they love. They are not consciously disrespecting the Creator. They probably just never sat down and thought of it this way. They are just trusting and doing as they are advised by the universities (research funded by guess who), free farming magazines (paid for by ads by guess who) and the friendly GMO company representatives.

I know what it's like. Remember, Dawn and I and the family used to be non-organic farmers too. And I do remember the pressure from the Monsanto reps. I'm sure the pressure is much worse now. Back then it was still new technology... Now everybody does it!

One time particularly I remember two very high-up reps together basically ganging up on me. When I insisted that I wasn't buying it, (I did not want to use their product and I wasn't going to) they tried shaming me with something like, "Well, you might as well quit farming then because you'll have to use this technology to survive. If you can't run with the big dogs, you better stay on the porch."

I guess we get the last laugh! Because that was 20 years ago. Today we are still here and still farming and getting stronger and Monsanto no longer even sells the product they were sure was a farmer’s silver bullet. Turns out, I was one of the first of the many farmers who finally and collectively said 'No' to Monsanto! :)

I'm reminded of the words of Benjamin Franklin. "Folks... we must hang together, for if we do not, we will surely hang separately!"

Thank you Family Cow tribe, for hanging in there with us!

Blessings Your Farmer ~ Edwin

~to be concluded next week

I originally wrote The Master's Code and posted it via this newsletter in 2016. It was all in one huge 3000+ word article. I read over it a few weeks ago and thought it may be good to resend it since so many of you are new since 2016. But I am a little more practical now than then, and decided to break it down into smaller bites. Even now at over 1000 words per part, I realize that only the top 5% of the most intellectual and literate of our tribe will read the whole thing. So, if you are here and still reading, I have a special message for you: "Kudos to you! You are among the top 5% in reading skills and focus and long-term attention span. You will go far in life. Keep reading. Keep learning. Keep thinking deeply. Life never grows old when the mind is kept young with new thoughts to think." :)


Edwin Shank

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