Price Freeze ending this week

October 12, 2021

Good morning,

I'm loving the fall weather on the farm these days!

And now to prepare for winter...

Many of you stocked up with our Chicken Savings Event last week and it sounds like everyone is loving the bundles.

For those who did not join the event, you can sign up here to get notified next year when the savings event goes live.

And for everyone, now is your chance to stock up before the October 14 price freeze ends.

If you didn't read the original email about this, we highly recommend you do now: What's happening to our food supply?

Whatever you do, please don't panic.

There will be no "price hikes" after 10/14! :)

Yes, some prices are changing, but not on any staple items like milk, eggs, ground beef or whole chicken.

We are simply making a few price corrections to keep up with inflation and rising costs in many areas.

In the spirit of full transparency, these corrections need to happen to keep our farm sustainable. We knew you'd expect and appreciate a heads-up.

Here are the main items that will be affected:

This list is the main items changing now. There will probably need to be a few other minor price corrections eventually.

Our family and team truly appreciates your understanding as we work through these times together!

All the best of food and blessings,

Wesley Shank

~5th generation on the farm

Real farmers. Real Caring. Real Food.

P.S. Our frozen meats will easily last a year or more in your freezer. We recommend stocking up now. If a package becomes unsealed, use it first to avoid freezer burn.

Wesley Shank

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