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May 3, 2021

A while ago, I gave you all an open invitation to share raw milk healing stories. I knew you had them... and you didn't disappoint.

Thank you for sharing!

So here is a sample, folks. These are real people with real healing from real foods in their own words.

The first is from Margaret in Jenkintown PA.

Take it away Margaret!



Dear Edwin:
Here is my story.

I originally found out about you five years ago through a local farmer when I was searching for raw milk as the best food for bone health and gut health.

I had been diagnosed with severe osteoporosis and a wonderful Ayurvedic practitioner recommended using full fat, organic raw milk from grass-fed cows to make my own home made yogurt (from live cultures). Religiously, for several years now, I’ve been doing just that, eating the yogurt plain and mixed with cumin and cilantro, in soups (broth made from Family Cow beef bones and chicken feet), on top of omelets (Family Cow eggs), and mixed with berries, cinnamon and nuts.

I also used the raw milk to make homemade rice pudding, homemade cheese, and my absolute favorite comfort food especially in frigid weather: hot milk cooked with a cinnamon stick, cardamom pods, turmeric, coriander, saffron and maple syrup.

After two years I found I have REVERSED MY OSTEOPOROSIS!

I am beyond grateful to your beautiful cows and your hard working family.

Jenkintown, PA



Farmer Edwin,

My Healing Journey

In August of 2017 I was diagnosed with a somewhat rare but disturbingly increasing form of IBD (Irritable Bowel Disease) called Crohn's Disease. For about a year and a half period I was lost in a large variety of different knowledge. A colonoscopy had shown that my disease had spread from my small intestine to my colon or large intestine.

So, I've started a new protocol and journey to heal my Crohn's/Colitis completely naturally.

Raw dairy, more specifically Homemade Raw Goats Milk Kefir, has been one of the many factors in this new journey to heal myself. Raw goats or cow’s milk kefir is a huge part of my daily protocol and regimen. I can’t stress enough how much I love this stuff!.... and how therapeutic it is to make this in your cabinet at room temperature and then strain it out.

I truly believe in the ancient diet and know that kefir grains (SCOBY) are written and talked about wide spread in many different ancient religious texts throughout time across the world for good reason. Raw Milk Kefir could, and may possibly be, the most powerful probiotic beverage on the planet, even for those that may struggle with regular milk intolerances.

DON'T be fooled into buying store bought processed kefir that’s filled with sugar and other nasty stuff that is lacking the proper strains of good positive beneficial bacteria that is absolutely necessary to repopulate your gut flora/microbiome/microbiota.

Make the right choice and get your raw milk from a reputable source like the great people at The Family Cow and make kefir yourself at home. They provide the instructions and formula for success and are happy to help and answer any questions you might have. I’ve already personally seen results.

Thank you to The Family Cow. I love you guys. Keep on spreading the light and love of the one infinite Creator.

Jake Limpert
Greensburg, PA



Hi Edwin,

I just wanted to tell how happy we are to have the opportunity to buy Family Cow milk!

I'm a mom to six kids, and we have a family history of significant constipation from drinking milk. As a result we have just been living without it for many years....enjoying small amounts of dairy products here and there, but it was a disappointing way to live.

About 7 years ago, I tried raw milk a few times (in a different state where it could be sold for "pet consumption only"), but a worried family member talked me out of it because of her concerns about safety. Recently, a friend told me about your milk and I was immediately drawn to the very thorough description of the measures you take to ensure that your milk is as safe as possible!

We have been drinking it for about a month now and I can't tell you how happy it makes me to know that my growing kids can drink as much milk as they want and they are being nourished by it and digesting better than ever without constipation! Thank you for going above and beyond!!

Paris, PA


So there you go folks...

These are Real Stories... from Real people... with Real healing... from Real foods.

It's "Farmers over Pharmacies" as my raw milk farmer friend Mark McAfee likes to say!


Mark has done some powerful interviews exploring raw milk for healing. The first one is with Tara Rosa who successfully fought her Crohn's with raw milk kefir and bone broth. Mark McAfee brings unique perspective to the interviews from his background of 16 years as a paramedic.


Crohn's Disease - Naturally Fighting Back

Crohn's disease affects hundreds of thousands of people per year... Tragically, drugs used to treat Crohn's have a known side effect of causing cancer and more than 130,000 colostomy surgeries are performed every year in the USA.

Listen to Tara as she shares how she refused to have the surgery and instead used gut biome rebuilding foods to completely recover and heal from this disease. After a few months of deep nutrition, she was no longer on drugs and was medication free! More importantly, she was happy, pain-free and healthy! She proved her doctors completely wrong!


Processed Milk Allergy - Raw Solution

Mark McAfee interviews the Morro Family in Southern California:

"I went to interview the Morro family in Los Angeles about their daughter Jacelin and the severe anaphylactic reaction she had after drinking organic pasteurized milk. After they switched to organic, whole, grass-fed raw milk their daughter made a 100% recovery and never had any allergy to milk again.

Her story is just like so many kids with an allergic reaction to processed milk. The Morro Family turned to processed organic milk after breastfeeding their daughter thinking it was the next step and best choice.

After a very short time, their daughter ended up in the Emergency Room with a severe milk allergy reaction. With a swollen face, hives with red skin and difficulty breathing, she needed emergency treatment for severe anaphylaxis including epinephrine, Benadryl and steroids. It was clear that she had an allergic reaction to pasteurized milk even though it was organic.

She now loves her organic RAW milk and so does her family. Dad drinks it all the time and loves the taste. 


Maybe we'll share more later. That's all for today.

Thank you for supporting our regenerative agriculture farm!

You do make a difference.

Without your support we wouldn't be able to survive in this age flooded with industrial organics.

When you choose us over supermarket organics it enables us to reinvest in soil health across the 100s of acres we manage. And your choice helps us produce immunity building, gut healing, real organic foods.

All the best of food and healing,
Your Farmer ~ Edwin

God Designed it. We Respect it. That Explains it!

P.S. Do you have any healing stories you'd like to share with our tribe? Stories of how Soy-Free pastured foods have changed your life?

Or if you have more stories about healing Raw Milk and Raw Milk Kefir... bring them on! 


Edwin Shank

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