Microgreens (Broccoli)

Microgreens (Broccoli)

4 oz. box
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Up to 40 times More Nutritious than Mature Plants!

Assistant professor Qin and graduate student Zhenlei Xiao with the College of AGNR’s, participated in a study… Their research ultimately discovered that the microgreens contained four to 40 times more nutrients than their mature counterparts.

Check out the University of Maryland study here.


Why broccoli sprouts? Should I be interested, even excited, about getting my hands on some of them, if so, why?

It's pretty common knowledge that broccoli in its mature form is very good for the body. Much of the disease fighting properties of the mature flower come from the high levels of Vitamin K and C which are powerful antioxidants and help build and repair immune function.

The sprouts have a very different immune, cancer fighting nutrient. It begins in the seed and as the plant matures it weakens so the sprouts high levels of Sulforaphane. Sulforaphane is a compound that has impressive cancer-preventing and cancer-fighting properties. Here is an article that explains in detail the value of eating the sprouts raw and thoroughly chewed.

Grown Organically by our friend and neighbor, John Michael & Tiffany Wallace.