NEW Shredded Italian Pizza Cheese

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Wesley Shank

posted on

December 11, 2021

Good morning from the farm!

Today I get to introduce: Raw Shredded Italian Pizza Cheese

It's a variety of our shredded raw milk cheeses mixed with organic Italian Seasoning to create the perfect topping for your next pizza, lasagna, tacos, quesadillas, grilled cheese sandwiches, chili soup, salads, or just about anything else you can imagine.

My favorite way to enjoy this new cheese is to melt a few ounces for a quick, delicious snack of straight cheese!

Or you can make a light meal out of it by adding our popular Beef Sticks to the menu. With beef sticks and this versatile cheese on hand you'll be ready for a convenient meal at any time... The children have a nutritious after-school snack and no surprise visitor goes unfed. :)

And don't worry about storage... All of our shredded cheeses are packaged in resealable bags to keep them fresh while using. We recommend storing your extra shredded cheese in the freezer if you don't need it for a few weeks or months. Freezing locks in freshness without damaging the living Raw Cheese enzymes and probiotics.

We never use the Natamycin fungicide preservative commonly used in shredded cheese... This is why we recommend freezing even if you don't normally have to freeze "store cheese."

For more ingredient info, see the pizza cheese description online.

This new cheese mix has been in the works for months. But now it is finally finished and ready for you and your family to enjoy.

It turned out even better than we imagined! :)

AND we are offering this new shredded cheese at a special introductory price from now until Christmas!

Save on Shredded Pizza Cheese Now

Remember: For the next few days we are also offering our best volume prices of the year on Raw Milk Cheeses!

Our cows were "extra happy" this year and they've blessed us with plenty of milk to make lots of Raw Milk Cheeses for you to enjoy! These volume savings options let you save more money on our cheese than ever before... and I'm not promising savings this amazing next year either. :)

This is one way we can thank each of you who chose to support our farm this year.

At the same time, we hope this Cheese Savings Event will make it possible for more people to begin their journey of eating gut-healing, immunity-building foods. Please help spread the word by copying this link to the social sharing platform of your choice:

All the best,


~5th generation on the farm

P.S. Grab a pack of our new Shredded Pizza Cheese while it's on introductory price! And please let us know your thoughts.

P.P.S. Stock up on immunity-building Raw Milk Cheeses at our best prices of the year! And remember: you can store our cheese blocks 3-6 months in the refrigerator or keep the shredded cheese even longer in the freezer.

Many people are fooled by Industrial Organics in the supermarkets. On our farm, we grow high integrity foods so you can eat every meal with confidence.

God Designed it. We Respect it. That Explains it!

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