"Before they call... I will answer"

written by

Edwin Shank

posted on

February 2, 2018


Happy New Year? Absolutely! 2018 is all set to be a wonderful new year!

Thanks everyone for your enthusiastic endorsement of our 'Rescue Farm' project. It means an awful lot to feel personal excitement through your kind words of affirmation. It's clear that many of you were moved by the message of the "Amen Acres" plaque that we found on the old barn wall.

Isn't God so amazing?!

And you know what? I think God must really love surprises too because the day after I sent the 'Rescue Farm' email, He surprised us again.

Here's what happened

Dec 20th, the day we made settlement on the 'New Farm', Dawn and I, with Rodrick and Jeanette went in to the realtor's office to sign our names on the line (quite a few lines actually) to make the farm officially ours. We were all finished and home by lunch time.

I'd be in denial if I were to say that signing our names on the line for a purchase that size was without its trepidations. Even though we had prayed about it and thought about it and even though we had found the "Amen Acres" sign and felt that God was leading us in so many ways... Even so, when it came right down to it, I know both we and Rodrick and Jeanette keenly felt the weight of responsibility and commitment. Farm payments are not small and so much depends on things outside our control like the economy, weather, continued Family Cow Tribe support and all. We did feel pretty sure we were doing the right thing... but I guess quite naturally we still felt just a tiny niggling down deep inside. Just a tiny question of "are we really doing the right thing, Lord?"

I had my phone on silent during the signing so the first thing I did when we got home was check my messages. The first was from our neighbors, the owners of the house Rodrick and Jeanette have rented ever since they were married 3 years ago. As I listened I started to exclaim out loud, "Praise the Lord! I cannot believe this! This is amazing!" Poor Dawn had to wait until I was finished listening to find out what in the world was so exciting!

The amazing phone message

The message from our neighbor was this: Their daughter had just gotten engaged and is planning on a wedding in a few months. So that means that Rodrick and Jeanette need to find another place to live since our neighbors' daughter and her husband want to live in their farm house after their wedding.

A few weeks ago, news like this would have caused a flurry of anxious questions. Where will Rodrick and Jeanette live? It should be close to our farm. What is available? Should they continue to rent? If not, is there a suitable place nearby to purchase? Can we get this all done in time to be out of the neighbors' place in time? ... In time also for Jeanette's baby which is due in March?

But now, as you can imagine, this news is no problem at all. In fact we all immediately, instinctively sensed it as nothing less than a powerful confirmation of the marvelous, astounding timing and care of our loving God! Just an hour before, Rodrick and Jeanette had bought a farm and a house even though, at the moment, they didn't have the slightest hint that a deadline to find another place to live was looming.

Yes! God is amazing!

I think He's got a sense of humor, too. Amen Acres indeed! Yes, yes, Lord... we get it! :)

"And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear." ~Isaiah 65:24

Wishing you all a blessed 2018!
Your family farmers ~ Edwin & Dawn Shank & Family

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