Premium Woodland Pork Leaf Lard

Premium Woodland Pork Leaf Lard

16 oz jar

The gourmet baker's secret ingredient is here: Premium Pork LEAF Lard!

This new Leaf Lard is a light, clean-tasting, healthy fat with very little "porky" flavor since it is specifically made with the special "leaf" fat instead of more common "back" fat.

Leaf Lard is prized for the amazing flaky pie crusts and delicious French fries it helps create. It's also an excellent choice for cooking, baking, pan-frying, searing, and grilling because of its relatively high smoke point. And of course it's keto and paleo friendly as well!

Our family often uses half lard / half butter in recipes to cut cost without sacrificing quality.

This lard is never bleached, deodorized, hydrogenated or altered in any way. It is simply rendered (cooked down) pork leaf fat from our pastured hogs. This premium lard is ready to be enjoyed and may become your favorite kitchen fat!


Why use Lard?

  1. It's a clean traditional fat like tallow and butter.
  2. Has a natural blend of the three types of fats: monounsaturated fat, saturated and polyunsaturated.
  3. 7 Healthy Reasons to use Lard.
  4. Here is an article you'll find inspiring: 10 Reasons to Bring Lard Back

The Story Behind our Woodland Pork Lard:

We don't waste anything on our farm.

Especially when it comes to livestock. We respectfully use every bit of that animal to accomplish the most good possible.

What can't be eaten is carefully turned into rich composted and given back to the soil to fuel plant growth and build organic matter. 

What CAN be eaten falls into two categories. The first category is LOVED by all and basically needs to be rationed out.... For example, people will "fight" for the chance to eat juicy pastured pork chops, crispy bacon, savory sausages, or BBQ baby back ribs.

But not everyone has as much love for the second category which makes up a sizeable portion of each pig. This category includes things like soup bones, knuckle bones, and LOTS of pork fat since we refuse to use the industry standard Ractopamine (Paylean) drug to keep our pigs artificially lean. 

The good news is, we are able to partner with an Amish farmer friend to render this bountiful fat into beautiful Woodland Pork Lard that now falls into the loved-by-all category! :)

Lard is so versatile it's simple to use as a substitute for your everyday cooking oil.

It adds pizazz to everything from simple breakfast fried eggs to homemade French fries. Lard is the secret ingredient your Grandma used for her delectable flaky pie crust.

With our clean Woodland Pork Lard you can cook with confidence. No need to worry if it is Chemical-Free, GMO-Free, Antibiotic-Free, Hormone-Free, Soy-Free or Humanely Raised.

We farm with integrity to give you the peace of mind you deserve at every meal. 

Enjoy the lard!


~5th generation on the farm


We carefully manage every step of the process to bring you clean Pastured Pork you can eat with confidence.

✓ Respectfully Harvested at our small USDA butcher shop
✓ Always Humanely Raised on Organic Land
✓ No Nitrate or Nitrite Preservatives
✓ No Celery Juice Powder Cures
✓ Artificial Hormone-Free
✓ Citric Acid - Free
✓ Antibiotic-Free
✓ Chemical-Free
✓ mRNA-Free
✓ Sugar-Free
✓ GMO-Free
✓ MSG-Free