Favorite Bible Stories booklet - FREE

Favorite Bible Stories booklet - FREE

25 Beautiful pictures and stories to put a spark for God into the hearts of young children

FREE - Take all you want!

Why free Bible Story books on your farmer's food website?

Our family loves the age-old Bible Stories so much that we bought 1,000 of these booklets to give away to our Tribe. Take one for your children and feel free to get an extra copy for family and friends if you enjoy it.

The story and picture combination on each page makes this booklet a perfect Christmas Gift! Go ahead and get as many as you can put to good use... :)

List of Stories:

  1. God's Wonderful Creation
  2. Adam and Eve
  3. The First Sin
  4. Noah—The Ark Builder
  5. Tower of Babel
  6. Abram and Lot
  7. Abraham's Sacrifice
  8. Jacob Receives the Blessing
  9. Jacob Flees from Home
  10. Jacob Deceived, Wrestles with an Angel
  11. Dreams With Special Messages
  12. Joseph Interprets Pharoah's Dream
  13. Joseph's Brothers Come to Egypt
  14. Moses on the Nile River
  15. The Burning Bush
  16. Moses and Aaron Speak to Pharoah
  17. The Plagues
  18. The Passover
  19. The Red Sea is Divided
  20. The Angel Gabriel Visits Mary
  21. Jesus is Born in Bethlehem
  22. The Shepherds and the Wisemen
  23. Jesus Teaches Love and Forgiveness
  24. Jesus is Crucified
  25. Jesus is Risen!