Van der Goude

Van der Goude

1/2 lb. average block
  • Cow Milk Gouda Cheese
  • Named after the founder of the city of Gouda, Holland (after which the cheese is named)
  • Made from The Family Cow's Grass-Fed, Raw, Jersey Cow Milk.
  • Average weight: half pound

This is Truly Raw Cheese. To respect and preserve the healing power of raw milk's enzymes, probiotics, fats and proteins, we only warm the milk to 103 degrees F. (cow body temperature) during cheese making.

Note for UPS Home Delivery Orders: If you have meat on your order, this cheese will ship frozen because we need to use dry ice in all meat orders. The flavor of the cheese will not be affected, but it could crumble easier as you slice it. If you do not want your cheese frozen you should purchase it on an order with only refrigerated items.


Raw Milk from Organically Grass-Fed Jersey Cows, Sea Salt, Animal Rennet, Cheese Cultures