Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese

6-7 oz. block
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  • From The Family Cow's Certified Organic, 100% Grass-Fed, Raw, Jersey Milk.
  • Average weight: 6-7 oz.

This is Truly Raw Cheese. To respect and preserve the healing power of raw milk's enzymes, probiotics, fats and proteins, we only warm the milk to 103 degrees F. (cow body temperature) during cheese making.

The benefits of eating Blue Cheese are extensive. Check out the history, various kinds of blue cheese and the plethora of health benefits on this website.

One of our customers reviewed this cheese. "This Blue Cheese was the very finest that I've ever eaten!!! It was flavorful, rich, moist, soft and creamy... I could eat this cheese every day of the week! 


Raw Milk from Organic Grass-Fed Jersey Cows, Sea Salt, Cheese Cultures