VIDEO: Truly Pastured Chicken in action

September 28, 2021

Good morning,

You really need to take a few minutes to watch Pastured Poultry: Better Way Forward.

It's a great video from the American Pastured Poultry Producers Association (APPPA). They clearly show the outstanding advantages of pastured poultry.

These truly pastured chickens are moved each day like our birds.

And while pastured chicken is truly amazing... it's not enough.

We go well beyond pastured.

Most pastured chickens are fed GMO-Free chicken feed.

And that's good.


GMO-Free does not mean the feed is also CHEMICAL-FREE!

Just before harvest, non-GMO wheat, barley and oat fields are commonly sprayed with Glyphosate in a practice called Desiccation.

Our chickens get pure, organically grown feed that is:

1. Chemical-Free

2. Soy-Free

3. And GMO-Free

Are Chemical-Free foods important to your family? Please hit reply and let me know.

I'll try to follow up with more details in a later email...

Meanwhile, enjoy our Organically Pastured Eggs and Chicken this week!

All the best of food and blessings,


~ 5th generation on the farm

We grow high integrity foods so you can eat every meal with confidence.

Wesley Shank

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