2024 Wild Seafood Savings Event

✓ Sustainably Wild Caught & Flash Frozen
✓ Bundle Savings of over $200
✓ BEST Prices of the Year

Next event opens July 2024

A Taste of Wild... A Taste of Alaska... A Taste of Sockeye Salmon at its best!

Join to access our absolute best prices of the year on Alaskan Wild Caught Sockeye Salmon, Pacific Cod Loin, and Louisiana Gulf Shrimp.

Here's the deal. The wild Sockeye Salmon begin their run in Bristol Bay, Alaska each July. To help make freezer room for the new catch, Captain Steve from Wild for Salmon made us an amazing offer and we are passing the savings directly on to you.

And it gets even better yet!

We created additional Seafood Bundle Savings options so you get double savings stacked in your favor.

Captain Steve's generosity in combination with our additional volume savings, means some bundles will deliver $200+ in seafood savings!

If you are interested in seafood savings, be sure to join with the button below to get full access and an Opening Day FREE Offer.

This 12 day event will have wild seafood options for everyone.

✓ Three variety bundle sizes so you can optimize savings to match your freezer space. Perfect for stocking up.

✓ Shrimp Lover's Special Edition Bundle.

✓ Exclusive access to White Gulf Shrimp and Pacific Cod Loin.

✓ Build-your-own Bundle to customize savings.

✓ FREE Pacific Cod Loin with opening day bundle purchase!

Why join the event?

We ask you to sign up so we know who is interested in more event details and full access... no need to bother everyone else. The best Event Savings Deals will ONLY be available to those who join but joining does not obligate you to buy anything. After the first week or so, we will open the event to the public so they can shop what is left.

Our Wild Caught Sockeye Salmon is always...

Sustainably Harvested

Direct from the Fishermen

Flash Frozen

Loaded with Omega 3s

High in Selenium

Rich in Iron

Our salmon come directly from the fisherman at Wild For Salmon. Captain Steve harvests the salmon from Bristol Bay, Alaska, which is the world's most sustainable Sockeye fishery. This fishery is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and best choice from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program.

More details directly from the fishermen themselves:


Our Wild Caught Salmon are the perfect entrée to any feast. With a firm texture and rich flavor, salmon is prized by discerning palates worldwide. Our Salmon is flash frozen and vacuumed packaged. Our sockeye has a deep red color, firm texture and a rich flavor. Did you know that each salmon fish is about 6 pounds? 

What makes our sockeye special?

Sockeye's amazing life cycle, with up to four years in the cold waters of North Pacific, ensures a true salmon taste and a brilliant orange-red hue that’s signature to wild-caught salmon. We fish this sockeye in the pristine waters of Bristol Bay, Alaska, a world-class fishery focused on sustainability. Our catch is placed in refrigerated sea water within minutes of harvest, and flash-frozen within hours , providing unmatched fresh flavor.

What about the health benefits?

Considered a true superfood, sockeye's unique habitat and diet creates an unmatched combination of health benefits. With its abundance of omega-3s, vitamin D, and astaxanthin (the antioxidant that gives it its orange-red hue), sockeye is ideal for supporting your healthy lifestyle.

Why we love it!

Captain Steve describes sockeye as “the performance athlete of the sea". Our wild-caught, Alaskan sockeye is our most popular catch for a reason: It offers pure salmon flavor and a delicious, firm texture that can only come from seafood harvested at the peak of its life cycle. You can be sure that our skin-on, boneless filets will combine convenience, nutrition, and flavor into every 1.5 lb fillet.


Wild caught, white shrimp from the Louisiana Gulf. White shrimp have a mild flavor compared to brown shrimp with notes of natural sweetness since they’re harvested in low-salt areas, like brackish estuaries and bayous. These pair great in dishes with sauces and seasonings. Our white shrimp peeled and deveined for easy cooking, no messy shells to remove!

Shrimp come individual frozen in 1lb resealable bags, making it easy to use only what you need for dinner tonight. To thaw we suggest submerging the frozen shrimp under cool water, a 1lb bag is generally thawed in less than 45 minutes. 


Our wild-caught pacific cod loins are skinless and boneless. Cod is one of the most well-known whitefish. It has a mild, slightly sweet flavor and the texture is firm. Each wild cod loin is about 5-7 oz.

Pacific Cod is a lean protein option and provides several important B vitamins and minerals like phosphorus and selenium for your body. High in protein and low in calories, the Pacific Cod from our partners at Alaskan Leader is “snow white” due to their stringent quality practices of bleeding on board."

Read more about this wild caught Pacific Cod here.

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