Woodland Pork Lard

Woodland Pork Lard

16 oz jar

It's here, folks!

After years of requests our team is so pleased to finally offer our delicious woodland pork lard! This wonder oil is rendered from the fat from our specialty woodland raised pigs. It can be used to fry in, cook with and of course, makes the perfect 'secret ingredient' for phenomenal baking. Our Woodland Pork Lard is not bleached, deodorized, hydrogenated or altered in any way. It is simply rendered (cooked down) pork fat from our pastured hogs. There is nothing else done to it or added to it. It is ready to be enjoyed and may just become your favorite kitchen fat!

Here is a bit of reading you may find helpful.

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Testimonial:I just had to write in to tell Your Family Farmer that your no additive and soy free woodland pork lard is the most delicious fat I have ever tasted! As someone with severe food sensitivities, the ability to get pure natural foods from you folks is a true blessing! Expect many more lard bulk orders to come. Thank you!~Ronald Butironi, Scranton drop point