Sprouted Organic Bread

Sprouted Organic Bread

1.8 lb Whole Wheat loaf - Discontinued

Note: this bread is discontinued because we are now offering other specialty Einkorn Wheat options and Emileen has stopped baking this bread. Sorry we don't have all the items we'd like to keep offering!

Sorry the high cost of Sprouted Organic Wheat makes this bread so much more expensive than our other two bread options...


"My husband and I sampled 'Organic Sprouted Wheat Bread' while attending the Spring Fling this year. We were absolutely hooked in an instant. My husband was insistent on tracking down who baked the bread and find out if it was available to purchase. We bought what was left (6 loaves). We brought it home and the kids were hooked as well. We use it for sandwiches in lunches. It is great with almond butter and jam. Makes a wonderful grilled cheese or toast and eggs. Super delicious with organic butter and honey or toasted slathered with maple butter... We found that the loaf is so large one slice of bread can be cut in half to make an entire sandwich. Try it; you won't be disappointed!"  ~Geri Rupert, Greensburg, PA


*Sprouted Whole Wheat Flour, *Raw Milk, *Raw Milk Kefir, *Coconut Oil, *Soy-Free Pastured Eggs, Gluten (Non-GMO), *Molasses, Yeast, Celtic Sea Salt, (* = Certified Organic)