Coconutty Granola

Coconutty Granola

1 lb resealable package

From Alison Ohana at Sweetwater Baking Co.

"My original granola. Created to bring a cereal worth eating. Delicious and nutritious. Plain and simple. You style it, or eat it as it is. Sometimes plain is easy, and easy is simple. Enjoy this granola as a cereal or snack!"

Serving Suggestion: If you prefer softer granola chunks, try leaving them soak in a cereal bowl of milk for 5-10 minutes before eating. It works the same in yogurt parfaits if you let the granola set in the yogurt a few hours before serving.


*Presoaked rolled oats, *Shredded coconut, *Coconut oil, *Sucanat (unrefined sugar), *Cinnamon, Unrefined salt, *Lemon juice (* = Certified Organic)