Smoked Chicken Leg

Smoked Chicken Leg

9-11 oz. avg. leg – Cooked and Ready-to-eat!

Smoked Chicken Legs – fully cooked and ready-to-eat! It's our truly pastured, soy-free chicken seasoned with all organic, gluten-free ingredients you can trust!

This delicious and nutritious meal is conveniently prepared for you. Heat the legs in a buttered frying pan till the skin is crispy and serve with confidence to your waiting family.

It's Real Hickory Smoke... Real Organic Spices... And Real Integrity from our family farm to your family table.

These smoked legs are in limited supply. We are done butchering all the chickens for the 2022 Pastured Chicken season so what's in our freezer now is all we will have until next spring when we can start raising pastured chickens again.

Here's what people are saying:

"We loved the smoked chicken legs! I think the amount of smoke and seasoning was perfect because it let the flavor of the organic pastured chicken shine through!" ~ Deb
"It is sooooo delicious! Ordered more in my most recent order." ~ Jane W.
"The meat was tender and juicy and the smoke flavor was just right." ~ Alan S.
"I made all 6 of them for lunch one day, but I never got to try them; my kids ate them all and claimed that they could not let me try even a bite. Needless to say, they enjoyed them very much!" ~ Megan C.
"I loved the convenience and thought it was great! Very good flavor. I ordered another one this week and picked it up today." ~ Catherine H.
"I definitely enjoyed it. I heated up in a pan as suggested and crisped up the skin. All I added was salt and pepper and dove in! I thought the smoke and seasoning was spot on." ~ Chuck W.
"Delicious!!!!!!!!!! I will order more!!" ~ Bessie W.

We carefully raise these chickens on our own Family Cow farm.

They are GMO-Free, Soy-Free, Chemical-Free and Truly Pastured with daily moves to fresh organic grass, clover and bugs.

Our family and team then hand-butchers these birds on our farm in our zero-waste, mobile butchering wagon. Even the feathers are composted and the nutrients returned to the farm soil.

Also worthy of note: we never allow Clorox or any other chemicals anywhere near your chickens! Nothing but a little organic apple cider vinegar, Celtic Sea Salt and ice are used in the chill water.

Yes, you can taste the purity and the difference! :)

We carefully raise these chickens on our own Family Cow farm.

✓ Moved to fresh organic grass twice each day

✓ Chemical-Free grain from our own farm

✓ Humanely Raised – no cut beaks

✓ Artificial Hormone-Free

✓ Always GMO-Free

✓ Antibiotic-Free

✓ Soy-Free

We do our own respectful butchering:

✓ Focused on Humane Animal Treatment

✓ Small on-farm processing

✓ No Chlorine bath!

We prioritize top quality ingredients:

✓ Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

✓ All organic spices also

✓ Only Celtic Sea Salt

✓ No Nitrates / Nitrites

✓ No Celery Powder

✓ No Citric Acid

✓ No MSGs


Family Cow Pastured Chicken, Celtic Sea Salt, Paprika, Black Pepper, Cumin, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Cayenne Pepper – ALL SPICES CERTIFIED ORGANIC