Raw Milk Kefir

Raw Milk Kefir

Pint - Not Government Approved For Human or Pet Consumption
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Raw Milk Kefir - 1 Pint - (Not Government Approved For Human or Pet Consumption)

100% Certified Organic, Raw and Unflavored

NOTE: The Family Cow raw milk kefir will continue to ferment slowly in the refrigerator. It becomes more tart and may develop a hint of zip but it really doesn't go bad. If it's left set in the refrigerator for several days, it may begin to separate and build pressure. This is totally normal. Just shake it slightly before you drink it. Or, if you want, pour off some of the whey before you shake it. If you do this, the kefir will be less tart and thicker.

Best if used within 14-21 days of purchase.

It's Tummy Friendly...will not cause gas and bloating... Lactose intolerant folks can drink it!

It's Chock Full of gut healthy bacteria and beneficial, candida-eliminating yeasts!

Also note: Depending on what else is in your order, your raw kefir may arrive frozen. This is perfectly fine and will not hurt the beneficial bacteria, yeasts or enzymes. Feel free to keep frozen and thaw in the frig when ready to drink.


100% Raw, Grass-fed, Certified Organic Jersey Milk, Cultured with Kefir grains