New York Strip Steak

New York Strip Steak

avg. 8 oz. - 1 steak/pack

This boneless 100% Grass-fed New York Strip Steak is avg. 1 inches thick and all of it packed with the classic bold beef flavor. With one of our most popular steaks like this you won’t go wrong.... especially when following my custom Pan Fried New York Strip Steak recipe! :)

Below is one of these New York Strip steaks I grilled on my pellet grill for the family last summer. I seasoned it with Celtic Sea Salt & Pepper before hand and then topped it off with a spoonful of butter for the last couple minutes.

The flavor and tenderness was incredible! Everyone loved it.

Your farmer,


We carefully manage each step of the process from our farm to your table so you can eat high quality, clean beef with confidence.

We raise our own beef:

✓ 100% Grass-fed & Grass-finished

✓ Certified Organic farm land

✓ Artificial Hormone-Free

✓ 10 Day Dry Aged

✓ Chemical-Free

✓ Antibiotic-Free

✓ GMO-Free

We do our own butchering:

✓ Focused on Humane Animal Treatment

✓ Small USDA butcher shop

✓ Citric Acid-Free

Customer Review:

"This weekend we made a combo of ribeyes and NY strips on the grill and they were PHENOMENAL! So delicious!!! Combined with some fresh asparagus from our local farmer’s market it was our best meal in the last year!" ~ The Williams Family