Small Hickory Smoked Woodland Ham

Small Hickory Smoked Woodland Ham

avg. 3.75 lb.
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Clean Recipe!

  • Soy FREE
    Sugar FREE
  • No Nitrates
  • No Nitrites
  • No Artificial Preservatives
  • No Artificial Flavors
  • No MSG


“This is the first year I ordered ham from The Family Cow and it’s the best ham I've ever had! It was so flavorful, tender, and had very little fat. I wasn't sure...but I cooked it as I would a regular ham. It was just insane! I wanted to thank you for supplying my family with such a great product. It truly means a lot to be able to find quality meat in Pa.”


Woodland Pork, Water, Sea Salt, Vinegar, Spice Extractive